What Eyeshadow Should Apply with red lip makeup?

The girls who are going to get red lips makeup often get confused when they see many different eyeshadow colors in the eye makeup kit. They find it difficult to decide what eyeshadow will perfectly compliment red lips. The first thing that you need to keep in mind while selecting an eyeshadow is that you need to pick a light color; since red is a dark color and it would look great with a light or medium color eyeshadow. Don’t need to make a combination of red lips with red eyeshadow because such makeup give a girl sharp look and appearance. The main purpose of makeup is to look attractive and it would be possible when you pick a good eyeshadow. In order to make the eyeshadow selection easy for you, I’m going to provide you some cool red lip makeup ideas. Dig down into these ideas just to know what eyeshadow color look terrific with red lips.

red lips natural eye makeup

1.Brown Eyeshadow gives soft look with red lips

Do you need soft makeup look? It would be possible if you apply brown eye color shade with red lips. Good thing about brown color is that you can handle it effortlessly. You don’t need to use an eye brush again and again for getting a smooth look. There is only a need to use a little brown eye color shade and apply it smoothly on your upper eye-lid. Some girls use brown eye-liner along with such shade because they want to get a harmonize eye-look. However, other girls love to define eyes with black cat eye makeup.

red lips makeup ideabrown eye makeup for red lips


When it comes to eye mascara then you shouldn’t use brown color since it not always look good with red lip makeup. Black eye mascara looks great all the time. It is a standard mascara color all over the globe. The demand of this color never goes down, though there is a wide collection of colored mascara in the market. Fact is that black mascara define every color eye shade. When you are going to apply eye mascara with brown eyeshadow and red lips then you shouldn’t go for thick volume. Opt for single or double coat of mascara.

red lips and soft brown eyesred lips makeup ideasoft brown eyes and red lips

Peach Eyeshadow offers Natural Look with red lip makeup

Going to attend your friend’s birthday party? Want to get natural eye makeup with red lips? I think the best eye shade color will be peach. There are three main tones of peace shade: light, medium and dark. Girls should pick either light or medium tone; since it’s hard to control dark peace tone. Blending of light and medium shades would be very easy. Some girl don’t use eye brush and quickly blend the peace shade with finger tip. It’s a great idea but you need to apply it only when you know that you can get smooth eye makeup look.

peach eye makeup for a red lippeace eye makeup for red lipsred lips and peach brown makeup

Silver or Blue Grey Shades Bring Model Look with red Lips makeup

You have watched many fashion show videos. Model usually appear at ramp with red lips and silver grey eye-shadow. On runway, complete focus of lights is on models, so their silver shades sparkles light tiny stars. In case you are going to attend a party where lighting system would be paramount then you can surely pick this specific shade. Don’t apply this shade, if you are going for a candle light dinner since your eyes look dark due to low-light environment.

red lips and silver white makeupsilver grey eye makeup for lip makeupblue grey eye shadow and red lips


Pink Dust Makeup Perfectly Compliments Red Lips

It is a fact that pink dust eye shadow look very appealing with red lips. Pink dust shade usually have two or more light pink shades in it. When you apply this specific shade on your eyes then beauty of your eyes and face increases to a great extent. In case you don’t have pink dust eye-shadow then you need to pick three light pink family colors and apply it one-by-one on eyes. Some girls apply three different pink shades on eyes in a way that the darkest pink is on the top of upper eye-lid.

soft pink eye makeup with a red lip

Smokey Eyes with a red Lip can Surely Hypnotize Boys

In case you want to win the heart of a boy who is coming into your home party then try to hypnotize him with the beauty of smokey eyes and red lip makeup. No doubt, smokey makeup turns simple eyes into magnetic one; one who sees them once, couldn’t stop oneself to see them again and again. However, you must have to learn first how to make smokey eyes. Learning isn’t hard especially when you have Youtube where you can watch a video. When it comes to smokey eye makeup colors, you have tons of options to choose from. However, black and brown smoky eye makeup always look the best with red lips.

black smoky eyes makeup for red lipsbrown smokey eye makeup with red lipsblue grey eye makeup with red lipssmoky eye makeup for red lip

Cooper Eyeshadow Seems Terrific with Red Lips

Good thing about cooper shade is that it suits to almost every girl. However, you need to use this shade with a combination of light or dark brown color just to grab a perfect smooth and clean eye look. Blending of this eyeshadow would surely take your time. Always use a small brush for applying the eye-shadow and then blend the shade with medium size eye-brush. You won’t be able to smooth a shade with a small brush. However, there is no need to pick large eye-brush.

cooper eye makeup with red lipstickcooper eye and red lips

Golden Eyes and Red lip Makeup Adds Sparkle into Face

Normally,this makeup suits a lot to a prom girl who is going to wear red dress. Gold shade eye shadow come into wide variety of tones, so it’s better to do a test before picking one tone for yourself. Neither too dark nor too light would work with the red lips makeup. Therefore, you need to select a medium tone. Some girls adds glitter into gold shade but this idea will never look appealing with red lips, so avoid it.

red lips and golden eyes gold and red lipstick

Need a Unique Red lip Makeup Idea?

In case you don’t like to opt for standard and common eyeshadow and red lips then I suggest you to give a try to three fascinating yet cool ideas below:

Orange and Purple Matte Eyeshadow with Red lips

It is indeed a usual eyeshadow but if you like to look different then you can surely try it. You need to apply orange shade as the base shade and then to smooth it with a medium size eye brush. Apply purple matte eyeshadow in a way you apply eyeliner. Apply one coat of eye mascara and a slick line of black eye liner.

orange purple eyeshadow for red lipsGreen and Gold Glittery eyes with Red Lipstick

No doubt, this makeup look simply hot. In order to get this specific eye makeup, you need to apply gold glittery shade as the base and smooth it. Now take a dark green or jade eyeshadow and cover corner (one third portion) with it. You also need to apply dark green shade on lower eye-lid just like you apply a cat eyeliner. Apply a light coat of black eye-mascara and a thin line of black eyeliner. You are done with this magical look. This red lips and green gold eye makeup suits a lot to a girl who has blue eyes.

red lips and green gold eyes

Red lips and Sky Blue Eye-Shadow

If you want to get a real-model look then you need to pick sky blue eye-shadow. You need to spend much time on blending this eye-shadow, since it’s not really easy to control. However, it is a perfect compliment of red glittery lips.

red lips makeup and blue eye shadow

Why not try Natural Eye Makeup with a Red Lipstick?

Mostly, this idea is picked by celebrities. They apply dark red glossy or matte lipstick and opt for natural eye makeup. This specific makeup doesn’t take much time but always look very attractive. You need to choose a very light pink or brown eye base shade and then to blend it all over upper eye-lid. No need of thick eye-mascara coat, you should apply mascara just to separate the eye-lashes. Just apply a very thin coat of black eye liner and you are done.

red lips makeup and natural eyesnatural eye shade and red matte lipstick

I’m sure now it won’t difficult for you to decide which eyeshadow you need to pick with red lip makeup.

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