Explore Popular Types of Mohawk hairstyle for Men

Looking for a really cool hairstyle?If yes, then you should think about Mohawk hairstyle. This hairstyle is quite popular among young generation, especially those who like to spend rock-n-roll lifestyle. This hairstyle is also very common among the fans of music industry because many male and female singers have got some types of Mohawk hairstyle. For example, Zayn Malik and Rihanna also got attention of millions of fan all around the world due to their faux hawk and Mohawk hairstyle respectively.

zayn malik faux hawk hairstyles

What exactly Mohawk hairstyle for men is?

Mohawk is also known as Mohican. This is considered as the coolest men hairstyle. In this hairstyle, two sides of head are shaven completely while barber leaves a strip of longer hair in the middle. You are free to style this strip into different ways.

mohawk stylish hairstyle mohawk hairstyle for men

History of Mohawk hairstyles

When it comes to the roots of this hairstyle then it has a close connection to the tribe of Native American Mohawk Indian. It is also said that the punk rock movement in early 80s is the main point where the popularity of this hairstyle touches the peak level. At that time, this hairstyle was considered as a symbol of rebelling against authority. Nowadays, you can also see this hairstyle worn by both men and women.

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Types of Mohawk hairstyle for Men

There are many types of this hairstyle but I would like to shed light on the common type of this hairstyle. So, let’s explore these popular men hairstyles types.

Liberty Spikes

It is indeed very bold but trendy type of Mohawk. A person who wears this hairstyle has thick sharp upright spikes that shoot out from the head. The name of this hairstyle is derived from the Statue of Liberty and it is quite similar with the crown of statue. Men use different hair stylish products just to make sure that spikes stay upright.

liberty spikes for men idea liberty spike hairstyle for men

Fanned Mohawk

Another cool variety of Mohawk hairstyle for men is fanned style. In this hairstyle, the side hair is completely shaved while the center hair is styled into a fan like Mohawk. If you are going to pick this hairstyle, then you should ask your barber to keep the length of middle hair long at least a few inches. The width of hair should be at least one inch.

fanned mohawk men hairstyle fanned mohawk hairstyle


This hairstyle will be perfect for those guys who have long and voluminous hair. In order to get this style, barber shave the side hair off while middle strip of hair will have good volume and height. Even he has to leave the hair un-toucj at the side of your head and ears, so these should hang down just like side burns.

boys death hawk hairstyle


This hairstyle is usually worn by black men. It is a combination of Afro and Mohawk. African American men who have afro hairstyle can bring a little change into their hairstyle by shaving the sides of hair while making the frohawk in the middle.

frohawk hairstyle frohawk hairstyle for men


Some people also known it very short and flat Mohawk hairstyle for men. In this type, barber use an electric clipper for creating a very short but uniform length of Mohawk in the middle, he always shave the side hair off.

rayhawk hairstyle for men

Mullet Hawk

It is a unique combination of mullet and Mohawk hairstyle. The guys who wear this hairstyle get a Mohawk cut at the front while he will have mullet hairstyle at the back. The back hair is long and layered.

mohawk and mullet hairstyle mohawk hairstyle for men

Faux hawk

It is very popular kind of Mohawk hairstyle for men. Many celebrities appear with this hairstyle. In this type, there is no need to shave the hair but barber style the hair in a way that it seems that guy has a Mohawk.

david beckham faux hawk

Colorful Mohawk Hairstyle Look Wonderful

There are many guys who opt for colored Mohawk. They either fully die the hair or get highlights. One color Mohawk looks good but mainly guys try to make their hairstyle extra attractive by adding two colors. Even highlights enhance the grace factor. It is advisable to pick bright colors such as red, blue and green. Since this hairstyle belongs to punk movement, so the right way to try mohawk hairstyle for men is to add some colors into it.

color mohawk hairstyle color mohawk hairstyle mohawk hairstyle with highlights


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