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Men with sassy beards, defined nose and curly hairstyles are considered more dominant in their personality as compared to men with regular haircuts and casual appearance. Just like spikes, men curly hairstyles are regarded as ‘ x-factor of Masculinity”. You might not have seen so many men with natural hair curls except some Asian and black guys who belong with families living near the equator of the earth- Africans, Koreans, Pakistanis and Indians are few to mention.

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Just like western men, these men have genes traits to pass to their generation, some are born with tight curls others have silky long hair that allows for multi-styling. Some are born with baldness that appears in the later years of puberty, they pass on the inherited baldness to their generation and so on. Of course our genes are replicated to the next generation, so if you see any beautiful man with natural curly hairstyle, he may have inherited it from his ancestor.

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Why am I talking about genes and family traits while this article is all about the zestiest men curly hairstyles 2014? I am explaining the relation between genes and hair because there are few men who don’t even know why their hair makes a bouffant when they style it into spikes or any other form to look stylish, they blame their hair texture for lacking the ability to hold a new style whereas there is nothing to blame- except the genes you have inherited from parents. It’s not that you cannot make styles out of curls; you can definitely go for some cuts to transform your appearance.

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The beauty of men curly hairstyles 2014 is more than enough to make you sure that curls can be styled differently without looking overbold, all you need to do is just style your hair in a correct way, apply some styling gel to make the curls to hold a style for a long time period- the wax usually comes handy for coarse hair. However, you can also include straight iron in your regular styling regime to De-tangle the hair for easy styling.

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I’m sure that you would be able to choose the best ideas for yourself from this nice collection of men curly hairstyles 2014.So, pick one idea and give it a try.


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