Explore some Cute Easy hairstyles for School girls

School going girls always ask their mothers to make some wonderful hairstyles in their short and long hair. They don’t like to opt for a usual hairstyle; they need something different and unique. So, it is good to get idea of some cute easy hairstyles for school girls.

Simple braid flower updo

It is a cute and easy hairstyles for little girls. You need to prepare your little sweetheart hair for styling. If her hairstyle is curly then you need to use hair iron for straightening the hair. Now you need to take a thin hair strand from right side and make a simple three strand braid. Pull another section from left side and make another simple braid. Now combine this braid and make a flower updo in the middle. Secure your updo with the bobby pins. You are done with one of cute easy hairstyles for school girls.

flower updo hairstyle cute girls
Simple braid flower updo

Double side fishtail braid Easy hairstyle

Another hairstyle that you would like to try for your little daughter is double side fishtail braid. You have to pull out thick sections from both sides and then to make fishtail braids. Now combine these sections in the middle of head and you have made one of the cute easy hairstyles for school girls in only 15 minutes.

fishtail braid easy hairstyle for girls
Cute easy hairstyles : double sided fishtail braid

One sided knot braid hairstyle for girls

If you are looking for very simple and easy hairstyle then you should try one sided knot hairstyle for girls. For this purpose you have to take the thick hair strand from the front section of your head and then to make the knots by diving this strands into two equal portion. You should fix every knot with bobby pin, if you want to get smooth finish of your hairstyle. This is among those cute easy hairstyles that don’t take much time but they always look wonderful.

cute easy girls knot hairstyle
Side knot hairstyle for cute girls

Simple braid French setting hairstyle

If your little girl has to attend a party then you should pick this particular hairstyle for her. You first need to take a thin hair strand from the top middle section of head and then to make a simple braid in a French braid manner. You have to take the hair strands from up and sides of head with a regular interval. The idea is to grab a lace style in your hair. Don’t forget to adore this cute easy hairstyle with a red or any other color ribbon.

beautiful and easy hairstyle for girls
Cute easy hairstyle of simple braid with french touch

When you will try these cute easy hairstyles for your school going girls then she would feel really happy and it is all you want.

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