Explore 20 Cool Curly Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

Wedding is the big day for every girl and she wants to look amazing on this special day. She has to decide about a number of things when it comes to her outlook. First she gets worried about her outfit and next thing that comes into her mind is hairstyling. It’s indeed hard to choose the best outfit for wedding but another difficult task could be picking a hairstyle. Today, I decided to add comfort into the life of Brides who have long hair. Actually, I’m giving them a chance to come and explore almost 20 ideas of cool Curly wedding hairstyles for long hair. So, let’s start digging down into these ideas.

wedding hairstyles for long hair

1. Milkmaid Braid and Curly hairstyle

This specific hairstyle is quite popular among the brides. The reason is that it offers them the most desirable look and appeal. Milkmaid braid is considered as “braid for Queen and Princess”. In past, princess and queens wear diamond, silver and gold crowns. At present, women are able to obtain the same royal look on their special day with this particular hairstyle. There are three main portions of this specific hairstyle. First portion is to backcomb or tease the crown hair, second is to make the milkmaid or crown braid and last is to make soft curls with curling irons with the rest of hair.

milkmaid and curly hairstyle


2. Half up Half Down  hairstyles for Long hair

It is another popular hairstyles among bride. Actually, this hairstyle offers every bride a very classy look which can’t be achieved via any other hairstyle. Brides normally adore it with silver or platinum wedding headbands. There are two main part of this hairstyle. The first part is crown area where hairstylist teases the hair just to get an attractive voluminous hair look. The front section of straight hair is pinned up once the stylist is done with backcombing. The second part of hairstyle is to make curls. Normally, hair stylish compliment this hairstyle with the curls that are made via curling iron.

hald up and half down culy hairstyle for wedding3.  Beach Soft Curly wedding hairstyles for Long hair

There are many girls who don’t want to look super formal on their wedding. Instead of picking formal updo and curls they like to opt for casual curly hairstyles. This ideas will be quite appealing for such girls. Total grace of this particular hairstyle lies in the messy soft curls that can only be provided by an expert hairstylist, though you can try it at home as well. After center parting the hair, soft messy curls has to be made while girls can make simple three strand braid with front hair. A white flowering headband enhances the beauty of this beach curly hairstyle of wedding.

soft beach curls for wedding4. Formal Curly hairstyles for Wedding

Formal curls are generally considered one of the common wedding hairstyles for long hair. In order to bring variation to this specific hairstyles, hairstylist use different style makers such as wand, curling iron or foam. The main purpose is to make unique kind of formal curls. Though this is an ordinary wedding hairstyle but it can be made extra-ordinary by adoring it with some special white flower hair accessories.

formal curly hairstyle for long hair

5. Half Up Wedding hairstyles

The trend of this particular hairstyle is increasing with the passage of time. Actually, this hairstyle enhances the grace and beauty of bride to a great extent. Normally, hairstylist enhances the volume of half up portion by using teasing technique of hairstyling. In remaining portion of hair, light wavy curls looks the best. Platinum and silver wedding headband is a great compliment to this wedding hairstyle.

half up wedding hairstyle6. French Braid and Curly Updo Wedding hairstyles for Long hair

No doubt, this updo hairstyle looks super complex and when you look at it you think that you need to contact an expert hairstylist for getting this hairstyle on your wedding. However, reality is simply opposite. It looks complex yet it’s very simple and easy. There are three main steps that lead you toward it. First step is to make the front french braid, Second is to divide rest of hair into two portion. Make curls of one upper portion while make an updo of lower second portion. Third, cover the updo with the curls. Voila! you are done.

braid curly updo for long hair wedding7. Curly Wavy hair styling for Wedding

When you need a hairstyle that boosts up your wedding day look then you should consider wavy curly hairstyle. There is only a need to contact with a hairstylist who knows how to make the best wavy curls. Once wavy curls have been made, next step is to do some setting as show in the image. Don’t forget to adore this wedding wavy hairstyle with a headband that has bunch of tiny and big white flowers.

curly hairstyle for wedding8. Messy Side Curly Ponytail Hairstyle for Wedding

Don’t like updo? Don’t need formal curls? I think then you might be looking for messy side curly ponytail hairstyle. This hairstyle is not only super trendy but also super cute. A bride who will get this hairstyle would surely be able to catch the attention of every guest. This is a kinda bold hairstyle for wedding but catch it if you can.

messy curly ponytail hairstyle for wedding

9. Sleek hair updo and curls Wedding hairstyles for long hair

This is very stylish and unique hairstyle for a big day. The first step is to get loose wavy curls and second step is to make a sleek updo with the back hair while leaving the front wavy hair. The last step of this hairstyle is to set the front hair with a head band that starts from the front and end at back. In this way, headband cover one third portion of your hairstyle. What I like the most about this head band is that it is exactly matches to the one strap of wedding dress. In case you like to copycat this hairstyle, don’t forget to place an order of one headband.curly hair updo for long hair10. Light curls with backcombing hairstyle for Wedding

It is among the simplest wedding hairstyles for long hair. There are four main parts of this hairstyle. First part is to divide up portion of hair into two part. Second part starts when Hairstylist backcomb back part of this up section hair while making a side straight fringe of front part. The fringe should be straight and cover one side of bride’s forehead. Third part is to make light curls in the rest portion of hair. In the image bride used a white net scarf to adore her hairstyle yet you can also opt for white headband or other hair accessories.


light curly hair and backcombing11. Formal Wand Curls for Wedding

Need a super formal hairstyle on wedding then no doubt, wand curls seem to be the best choice for you. Normally, girls like to decorate wand curly hair with big white artificial flower at one side of head.

wand curly hairstyle for wedding

12. Waterfall braid and Curly Wedding hairstyles for Long hair

Waterfall braid is among the beautiful braids for women. This braid suits to every girl and normally add cuteness factor into her personality. Normally, a hairstylist tries to intensifies grace and beauty of waterfall braid with long curls. Don’t forget to accessorize this chic hairstyle with white flower.

waterfall braid and curly hairstyle for wedding13. Side Swept Curly hairstyles for Wedding

Need trendy wedding hairstyles for long hair? You should give a try to this particular hairstyle. Good thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t need to contact with an expert hairstylist for getting it. You can make this hairstyle own you own. It’s very simple and easy but always look super trendy. Use white crystal or stone brooch for adding extra charm to this wedding hairstyle.

side swept curly hairstyle for long hair14. Messy Curly hair updos for Long hair

Need a casual hairstyle for wedding ? You might feel interested in this hair updo for long hair. The hairstylist will first divide back hair section into two potions: one front and second back. She will make an updo with back hair while give end finish to this updo with curls of front portions. As far as frontal hairline is concerned, she normally side-parted it.This wedding hairstyle will shine, if you add big white rose at the side of your updo.

hair updo for long hair and curls

15. Side Parted Front and Curly Back hairstyles for Wedding

It is a sleek and soft-look hairstyle that a bride can try on her big day. The front section of hair is usually side parted in a clean way while hairstylist make a light volume hair bun and then cover this bun with the curly waves. No doubt, this hairstyle looks simply hot.

Curls and updo16. Formal High Curly updo Wedding hairstyles for Long hair

This hairstyle seems complex but it is not. However, you can not make it at home in any way because it needs a clean finish and look that can only be given by an expert hairstylist. This is a super formal hairstyle that normally worn by Royal brides.

curly high updo for wedding17. Sleek Updo for long hair

Need a clear and sleek look on your wedding? It would be possible through this sleek hair updo and curls. There are two main parts of hairstyling. In first part, hairstylist will side part the front hair section. In second part, she will make a sleek updo and then cover this updo with formal curls. The grace of this hairstyle also depends on wedding crown headband that a girls chooses for her wedding.

curly updo for long hair on wedding18. Crown Braid with Messy Updo Hairstyle

Want to look cute and attractive on your wedding? You need to consider this particular hairstyle. Crown braid is a common wedding braid since it looks very appealing, no matter what season is and who is going to wear it. A messy hair updo perfectly compliments this braid.

braided curly hairstyle for wedding19. Cute Wedding hairstyles Down Curly

This hairstyle is suitable for a girl who is looking for a little casual hairstyle for her special day. This hairstyle includes messy curls of long hair that drop down like a fountain and boosts up grace of bride.

half up and half down messy curly hairstyle for wedding20. Fringe and Curly Wedding hairstyles for Long Hair

It is indeed a fantastic hairstyles for wedding. Every girl would like to try it. Your hairstylist needs to make a cute forehead fringe and then to back comb the crown hair.The last step of this hairstyle is to attain formal bouncy curls. You should pick flower crown headband for increasing the charm of this hairstyle.

fringe and curly wedding hairstyles for long hair

I have provided 20 cool hairstyling ideas that you can try on your wedding. Now it’s up to you to pick one hairstyle that seems perfect.

Happy Wedding Hairstyling!!!

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