Explore 15 Super Cool Backpack with price Range £15-745

Want to change your backpack? I think you should wait for a while and explore some  super cool back packs that range from with £15 to £745. The designs of these backpacks are indeed amazing and every design is a courtesy of a renowned designer.So, let’s explore this wonderful collection of backpack.

1.Kenzo at Selfridges £220

Need something really classy? I think you should try this backback with which you would always feel comfortable. This No-fish graffiti bag will be a choice of trendy people.

kenzo backpack

2.H&M Backpack £14.99

It is the most affordable backpack of my super cool backpack collection. This Khaki print backpack is a perfect choice for urban jungle.

h&m backpack 2015

3.Gucci Backpack £290

If you need style and comfort side by side, then you should opt for designer sleek nylon rucksack from Gucci.

gucci backpack 2015

4.Floozie By Front French for Bebenhams £45

Another cool and affordable backpack comes with a gilt chain trim and dangling chain charms. It is very sweet designer backpack, indeed.

floozie backpack 2014-15

5.Backpack ETC by Orla Kiely at John Lewis £129

Need something really amazing for back to school? I think you should give a good try to a graphic leaf print ETC backpack.

etc backpack 2014-15

6.The Cambridge Satchel Company backpack £165

If you need a classic touch in your backpack then you need to pick The Cambridge leather backpack that brings school-satchel style. You are free to choose either deep tan or classic cream leather.

cambridge backpack 2015

7.Accessorize Backpack for £35

Another affordable and super cool backpack comes from Accessorize. You can get this eclectic graffiti effect backpack with you during your summer sightseeing tour.

accessorize backpack 2014

8.Mulberry Cara Delevingne Collection Backpack £795

This is the most expensive backpack but don’t care about the price when name of Cara Delevingne and Mulbbery is tagged onto this classic backpack. Deep oxblood version of this bag is surely be a part of every girl’s wishlist.

cara delevingne mini oxblood backpack

9.Whistles Backpack £275

Need a soft-touch in your backpack? I think you should buy Whistle soft grey leather bag that is featured with urban luxe.

whistles backpack

10.Grafea at Asos backpack £180

This electric surfer blue leather bag is a good choice for those who want to carry book with a little style.

graea at asos backpack 2015

11.New Look Backpack £22

You would love this reasonably-priced and affordable backpack that is sleek enough to carry anywhere you love. I’m sure you would also like its trendy grid print.

new look backpack for gbo 22

12.Asos Backpack £18

Who say you to spend hundred bucks for backpacks when you can buy something really smart only at £18? This Asos Backpack is designed with a boyish look. This two-toned backpack features with navy canvas and leather look.

backopack stylish


13.Boohoo Backpack £18

If you don’t need soft-look of Asos backpack then a wild look backpack comes from the house of Boohoo. Tribal printed rucksack is very stylish and eye-catching.

backpack multicolor Bohoo

14. Vans at Surfdome £29.99

The design of this super cool backpack is quite amazing. It has vintage checkerboard effect. This skater style backpack seems a good choice for back-to-school prep.

vans at surdome backpack

15. River Island Backpack £25

This cute Paul Frank print cartoon character rucksack will add some real fun into your learning journey.So, grab it because it is quite affordable.

river island backpack for gbp 25

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