Exclusive 6 Ideas of Side hairstyles in 2015

It is a fact that many girls opt for side hairstyles because this particular styling add some charm factor into their personality. They look very attractive and charming and this is what they always need. So, if you want to get an attractive look then you have to try a side hairstyle. There are tons of ways to make this hairstyle look lovely but I would like to share 6 chic ideas of side hairstyling in 2015.

side messy hair ideas

1.Side Swept Curly hairstyles

Whenever you are going to attend a big event then you can look simply elegant with side curly hairstyles. This idea is taken from top celebrities of Hollywood. If you watch red carpet video then you can see easily then many celebs had appeared with side swept curly long hairstyle. It is indeed one of the best side hairstyles in 2015.

side curly ponytail idea


side red curly hiarstyles

2.Side Updo hairstyles

If you want to bound your hair in an elegant manner then you need to try side updo hairstyle. There are many different ways to get such updo. When you are going to try this idea, you should opt for a messy hair updo as it looks more elegant than a sleek and clear cut hair updo. This 2015 side hairstyle inspiration is taken from models who adore the run-way with their classy hairstyling.

side hair updo style and ideahair updo on a sideside hair updo 2015

3. Side ponytail hairstyles

Winter has started and it is essential for you to take good care of your hair. The best way to protect your hair from harsh effects of weather is to tie your hair in a ponytail. You have to do this protection in a fashionable manner. It’s good to try sleek straight side ponytail when you are going to attend a night Christmas party. You can also grab an eye-catching look with messy or casual type of side hairstyles in 2015.

side messy ponytail hairstyle side ponytail hairstyle curly side hairstyles 2015side wavy ponytail hairstyle

4. Side Wavy hairstyles

Another cool way to get a side hairstyle is to make some waves in the hair. It’s good to apply some hair serum, gel or cream before you are going to make waves into your hair. Normally, formal wavy side hairstyles look great on formal events but you can also opt for loose waves.

side wavy ponytail styleside wavy hairstyle ideasside wavy hairstyles 2015glossy side wavy hair

5. Side braid hairstyles

It is very cool idea for girls. They can try messy or tight braid hairstyles. The most common braids are fishtail, French and simple three strand. Fishtail takes more time thus many girls opt for simple English braid as it takes less time and looks wonderful.

side braid hairstyles 2015side classy braid ponytail hairstyle

6. Side Straight Hairstyles for Girls

Want to look simply chic? It is good for you to try straight side hairstyles. You have to use hair gloss and gel for getting the same chic look of straight hair as a celebrity has. A rough straight hairstyle doesn’t look very appealing. So, before you are going to start using hair iron you need to apply some gels and hair creams.

sleek straight side hairstyle

long straight side swept hairstyle

side sleek hairstyle 2014

Finally, you have 6 great ideas of side hairstyles 2015. It’s good to try some of these ideas on social and special events.

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