Every Girl Must Try Four 2014 Eyeliner Trends

It is good for girls to keep their eyes on latest beauty and style trends. If you are also among those girls who love to follow latest trend in their routine lives then certainly you have hit the right page. I’m here to unlock four 2014 eyeliner trends that every girl needs to try in 2014. These eyeliner styles look great on almost every girl. Explore four different eyeliner options and pick the best one for yourself.

Eyeliner styles 2014

Eyeliner Trend No.1 Brown Gel Eyeliner

Girls who get bored from brown eyeliner can easily replace it with brown gel eyeliner. You can get magical look if you try brown wing eye makeup. For this purpose, you must have Brown Gel Eyeliner. Pick the gel eyeliner and define your winged look from start to end along the upper lash line. Once your eyes got the wings, you need to solid this look by filling the base of lashes with short stroke of brown gel eyeliner.

brown eyeliner on eyes

Eyeliner Trend No.2 Violet Cream Pencil

Need a very soft touch? It is good to try one of the best 2014 eyeliner trends, indeed. Your task is to get eye cream pencil in vibrant violet shade. Once you have it then your real task is really simple. You have to define your beautiful eyes with short stroke of this cream pencil. Highlight the base of your lower and upper lashes with it.

violet eyeliner for eyes

Eyeliner Trend No. 3 Black Eye Inkpen

These days, you are able to find wide variety of eyeliners. Eye inkpen is a latest variation of traditional eyeliner. Get this eyeliner and apply it on your upper lash line. You have to apply it from the inner to outer corner of your upper lid. You can also apply it on your lower lid, if you need dramatic effect.

black inkpen on eyes

Eyeliner Trend No.4 Black Lacquer

Glossy eyeliner always look great when you have to attend a night party. It is among the best 2014 eyeliner trends that are followed by our celebrities. However, you have to set the base of this liner before applying it. In another words, it is good to combine it with some stunning eye shadow.For example, you can try green silk eyeshadow. Spread the shade across the upper lid. Now pick black lacquer eyeliner and define upper lash line with short strokes along the base of your lashes. Now fill this line with a thicker line. Twist the tip of your eyes and then you have to apply a thinner line of eyeliner along the inside crease of your eyes for a lasting impression.

black glossy eyeliner trend

So, if you are going to apply eyeliner then it is better for you to pick one out of four 2014 eyeliner trends. Follow latest beauty trends and get magnetic look.


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