Don’t miss Amazing ideas of Eye makeup for Brown eyes

Want to draw attention toward your brown eyes? It would be possible if you choose right eyeshadow for brown eyes and also do your eye makeup just like a professional. Today, I’m here to unlock some wonderful ideas of eye makeup for brown eyes. Go and try these ideas and get magnetic eye look.

yellow makeup for brown eyes

Orange Smokey Eye makeup

Green and brown smokey eye makeup is a common thing, you need to think about something extraordinary. Therefore, you should opt for orange-yellowish smokey eye makeup. Don’t choose very bright orange shade, your task is to choose medium orange shade with bright yellow color. First outline smokey eyes with your black eye pencil. Make a v tip on outer corner with black pencil and then extend this tip toward your eye crease. Then you can fill this smokey outline with black, orange and yellow shades. Eyeliner and mascara would do the magic at the end.

smokey eye makeup for brown eyes

Glittery Purple eyeshadow for brown eyes

Another cool eye makeup for brown eyes can be done with purple eye shadow. Choose glittery purple shade and apply it all over your upper lid, don’t extend to brow bone. It is better to remain limited to crease line of your eyes when you apply purple eyeshadow on brown eyes. Next you need to apply eyeliner on upper and lower lashline. It is good to apply a thin line of purple eyeshadow next to your lower lashline. Black eye mascara would give perfect finish to this brown eye makeup.

brown eyes purple glitterpurple eye makeup for brown eyes

Green-Yellow Butterfly Eye makeup

If you opt for this idea then it will make your brown eyes pop. This makeup is not difficult to do, but you only need to apply eyeshadow in the right way. First apply yellow eyeshadow on lid, then use dark green eyeshadow and fill the crease and outer corner of eyes, exactly in the smokey eye makeup style. Now use yellow eyeshadow as a highlighter. You have to apply black eyeliner in a butterfly style on eyes. Make two wings next to your outer corner and then apply liner on lower and upper lashline. Grab dark green glittery eyeliner or shade and then apply it next to your lower lash line. You also need to fill your waterline with a little yellow shade. Let’s eye mascara do the magical finish to this eye makeup for brown eyes.

butterfly eye makeup for brown eyhes

Plum peach Eye makeup with Cat Liner Style

In case you have honey shade brown eyes then you must try this fabulous idea of plum peach makeup for brown eyes. You first need to apply peach shade as a base and then to do the magical with plum eyeshadow. Blend this shade on the crease and corner of your eye. Also apply a bit of plum shade on your lower lashline. The real magic factor would be cat eyeliner. You need to opt apply black eyeliner in a feline style. End this eye makeup for brown eyes with your best black mascara.

plum eye makeup brown eyes

Electrical Green Purple Makeup

Another way to make your green eyes beautiful is to choose electrical green and purple eyeshadow. Use green shade as a base while the purple would be your primary shade that should be applied on crease, outer eye corner and lower lashline.

green purple eye makeup for brown eyes

Give Bronze metallic touch to your eyes

This is indeed the best idea of brown eye makeup. You need to choose bronze shade for making your brown eyes pop. Interestingly, bronze shade is easy to handle and you would love to do smokey makeup with this particular shade. Your task is to keep eyeshadow light in the inner side of your eyes while making the corner darker and deep.

metallic eye shadow for brown eyes

Turquoise and Brown eye makeup for Brown eyes

Another way to define the beauty of your eyes is to opt for turquoise and dark brown eyeshadow. Turquoise or any other light blue shade seems to be a perfect eyeshadow for brown eyes. You need to smooth the base blue shade and then use brown shades on the crease and above crease level of your eyes.

turquouise shade for brown eyes

Cooper Blue Arabic Style Brown Eye Makeup

Need to change complete brown eye look? It is good for you to choose glittery cooper and blue eye makeup. Copper glittery shade is your base while blue shade will only be applied from crease to browbone area of your eyes. The best part of this eye makeup for brown eyes is the eyeliner that is applied in a traditional Arabic style. You need to make feline style eyeliner lines not only on your outer eye corner but also next to your inner eye or tear duct area.

blue eye makeup for brown eyes

So, finally you have great ideas of eye makeup for brown eyes. It is time to give a try to any of these ideas at home, just to know what ideas looks great on your eyes.


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