Don’t Forget to Copy 15 Popular Celebs Pixie Crop Short Haircuts

In case you want to look hot and bold just like celebrity then you simply need to emulate celebrity pixie crop short haircuts. Good thing about pixie haircut is that it always look great and make you fashionable instantly. In addition, this short haircut offers great freedom to the wearer. You don’t need to do a lot for setting this very short hairstyle. It is easy-to-go hairstyle for women. If you need 15 ideas of celebrity pixie crop short haircut, you can find them below.


1.Sheridan Smith

A wonderful pixie cropped hairstyle comes from Sheridan Smith. She cut her long hair very short and enhanced her beauty very easily.

sheridan smith short pixie

2.Frankie Sandford

In case you need the short hairdo then it comes straight from F-Sandford. She opted for sweeping fringe with a cute pixie crop haircut.

frankie sanford short haircuts

3.Audrey Tautou

She loved to adopt French classic short hairstyle for getting a striking look.

audrey tautou crop pixie hair

4.Julianne Hough

We really love blonde cut pixie crop haircut of J-Hough. This is among the best short haircuts of actress.

julianne hough short pixie haircut

5.Charlize Theron

You would surely like very amazing side-swept blonde pixie crop hairstyle of Charlize Therone. She looked wonderful with this very short hair.

pixie short hairstyle charlize theron

6.Jennifer Hudson

In case you need the most romantic kind of short haircuts then you have to look at Jennifer Hudson side-swept pixie crop hairstyle. It is indeed a great idea to try by every girl who have short hair. You may also love smokey eye makeup of Jennifer.

jennifer hudson pixie haircut

jennifer hudson pixie hairstyle


Do you need short hairstyle idea for fall 2014? You must check pixie crop hairstyle of Beyonce. She wore this style in a way that her overall look got changed to a great extent.

beyonce short pixie haircut

8.Emeli Sande

If you have blonde hair then Emeli offered you one of the best short haircuts ideas. Don’t go for short pixie when you would look wonderful with super-short pixie haircut.

short pixie cut of emile sande

9.Miss Geldof

Girls who have short hair and ready to chopped more bangs must try super short latest crop hairstyle of Miss Geldof.

pgeldof pixie crop hairstyle

10.Michelle Williams

Whenever we talk about short pixie haircut then we always mention Michelle because she gave the best example of fabulous short pixie crop. Her short haircut gave her face ultra-feminine and cute look.

michele williiam short hair

11.Emma Watson

Fans of Emma would surly liked to cropped their hair off just like Emma did. Her edgy short haircut is indeed remarkable.

emma watson perfect short pixie hair

12.Gennifer Goodwin

Women who need perfect short haircuts must check Gennifer Goodwin pixie crop that can enhance your personality and outlook to a great extent.

gennifer goodwin short haircuts

13.Hayden Panettiere

Want to style your pixie crop hairstyle in the best way? The fabulous hair styling inspiration for short hair is given by slicked-back pixie crop hair of Hayden Panettiere.

pixie short hair of hayden

14.Danni Minogue

If you need another way to beautify your short haircuts then you should look at Dannii who got inspiration from the 20s. She picked feathers accessories for accentuating her beautiful short hair.

danni minogue pixie hairstyle

15.Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was looking fabulous with short pixie crop. It is not exaggeration to say that this short haircut suits her the most among all celebs.You would surely like to get a short haircut like her.

jennifer lawrence short pixie cut

Pixie crop short haircuts definitely give its wearer the great freedom. There are many different ways to style short pixie hair. Sometimes, you can slicked them back and other times you can make some high spikes with the top pixie hair. Options are numerous for you.



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