Don’t Forget to explore Miley Cyrus Dresses on Stage

The people who know Miley Cyrus also know she loves to look different. No doubt, she sings well but what keeps her on top of “fashion headlines” is her unique or outrageous outfits. She is bold enough to wear any kind of dress and it is really hard to follow her. In case you are also bold, then you would love to explore some shocking Miley Cyrus Stage Dresses.

top dresses of miley cyrus

Silver Gem Outfit

Miley likes to wear cartoonic outfit but the way she wear such outfit is indeed appalling. Have a look at her silver dress that she wore during her performance at VMAS 2014.

best miley cyrus dresses

Big Bird Outfit

One of the amazing Miley Cyrus Dresses is her white and yellow dress that clearly gave Big Bird impression. She pull this dress off during her stage performance in Melbourne, Australia.

miley cyrus white yellow big bird dress

Leaf Outfit of Miley Cyrus

Miley doesn’t mind wearing some short one piece outfit. During her performance at Rogers Arena Vancouver, she appeared with a sparkling leafy one-piece. One of the spectator Miley Cyrus Dresses.

miley cyrus one piece leaf style dress

Lip Style Dress

Can you wear lips on your shoulder? I think you can’t it and same is true about us. Only Miley Cyrus has a real courage to wear big lips on her shoulder. Her lip dress is indeed unique. No girl would like to emulate it. She wore this dress during her London stage performance at GAY.

miley cyrus big lip style dress

Tongue Dress

It is indeed hard for Miley Cyrus to stick her tongue out during her performance at First Direct Arena, Leeds. Therefore, she opted for an alternate way, she wore tongue dress. Would you like to get the a dress similar to Miley Cyrus dress?

miley cyrus stick out tongue dress

Dollar Dress

Are you rich? Don’t wear a dress when you can wear currency notes as a dress. This impeccable idea comes from Miley Cyrus Dollar bill leotard. It is among the shocking Miley Cryus dresses. She can wear literally anything. She wore this dress at the O2, London.

miley cyrus dollar currency note dress

Monster Dress of Miley

During her performance for Chanel 7 Sunrise, Australia Miley pulled a monster outfit off her body.

2014 miley cyrus dress

You have explore some cool Miley Cyrus dresses at last, it is your turn to leave some remarks on her outfits. Do you like her bold style and appearance on stage? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the section below.


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