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What is New School tattoo?

Actually, new school is a tattooing style originated from early 1970. It is greatly influenced by some features of old school tattooing in the United States.  It also means a transitions towards openness in the sharing of techniques in tattoo art. This style has many characteristics but the most special ones are use of heavy outlines, vivid colors, and exaggerated depictions of the subject.

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History and Origin

When you check the origin of this tattoo style then you can see multiple accounts. One accounts pointed this style origin toward California tattoo artist who experimented different designs styles as early as the 1970s. Those styles included subjects matters such of famous films actors, Disney Characters and even the USS Enterprise Star Trek. At that time, these designs were completely based on demands of customers. These designs less came from the inspirations of tattoo artist.

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These designs usually integrate elements from different tattoo traditions such as irezumi, old school and folk art. One common characteristic new and old school tattoo designs is heavy outlines. However, what makes former tattooing option different from latter is that artist doesn’t restrict to only a few colors, as happens normally in old school. Instead he is able to use bright colors of his choice for making such designs.

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It is good to know that such designs aren’t very realistic since they exaggerate details in the subjects. Sometimes, these styles can be compared with cartooning and graffiti art. Even these tattoo have matching themes that you see in hip hop culture such as rough edges and bubbles letters. As far as subject matter is concerned, these designs are not limited to traditional subjects such as hearts and eagles. They may integrate fantastical subjects thus allows a tattoo artist to come up with great ideas.

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Explore some really great new school tattoo designs above and select the best one for yourself.

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