Don’t forget to check 10 new small tattoo ideas for men

Do you want to get a small tattoo but don’t know what design to take? I think you have hit the right place because here you would be able to discover meanings and ideas of small tattoos for men.Let’s start this cool discovery without any delay.

small tattoo idea yin yang

1.Small cross tattoo for men

Want to show your affection and attachment to Christianity? It would be possible only through cute and small cross tattoo design. Though you can get cross tattoo at any place but wrist and shoulder are two common places for this kind of tattoo designing.

small cross tattoo for menmen small cross tattoos

2.Dove tattoo on wrist

Dove tattoo is among the most popular tattoo design that is famous not only among men but also in women. Dove symbolizes love, peace, calmness, protection, faith, hope, etc. Men can also opt for a small dove tattoo, if this tattoo can represent any meaning that is in their minds.

small dove tattoo for men

3.Small angel wings tattoo on ankle

There are many people who like to represent their love for angels with angel wings tattoo, you can do the same. These tattoos have spiritual meanings, indeed. Angels are messenger between us and God, so you can show your love to angel via angel wings tattoo designs. It is among the religious small tattoo ideas for men.

small angel wings tattoo men

4. Small Tribal sun tattoo on back

Tribal style sun tattoos are quite popular among men. The meaning of tribal sun tattoo is new life, strength and power. So, if you are seeking strength and power then you should definitely consider a cute sun tat.

small tribal sun tattoo designtribal sun tattoo design for men

5.Small star tattoos

As we all know star tattoo symbolizes hope, truth and spirit. In case you want to revive your lost hope then it would be indeed good for you to get star tattoo.

men star tattoo ideas

6.Equal sign tattoo for men

People who normally want equality in their life and don’t like any discrimination usually like to opt for equal sign tattoo. You could have your own meaning of equality but generally people seek this tattoo to show importance of equal behavior in the world. It is among the coolest small tattoo ideas.

equal sign tattoo ideas

7. Small tribal flower tattoo

Different flower tattoos have different meanings. If you don’t want to represent a very specific meaning then tribal flower tattoo seems to be a great option for you. No doubt, wrist is the best place to drop flowery ink . Don’t miss some other tribal tattoo designs for men.

tribal flower tattoo idea

8. iPhone apple tattoo design

So, if you own an iPhone and love this phone then you can easily demonstrate your loyalty to Apple with a very small cute apple tattoo design. It is one of the latest small tattoo ideas. People who don’t like to replace Apple device with any other device usually like to get this tattoo.

iphone apple tatto ideas

9.Cute little yin yang tattoo men

One of the popular Chinese symbol tattoo for men is Ying Yang. This black and white tattoo design symbolize anything opposite. Yin is black section while yang is white section. Yin represents female while yang shows male which combine and make life. In case you want to represent something opposite in then you can opt for small yin yang tattoo design.

small yin yang tattoo

1o. Horseshoe tattoo design

There are two common meanings of horseshoe tattoo. First, people who love horses or have horses go for this small tattoo design. Second meaning of this tattoo design is luck. So, if you want to grab good luck in your life then you can try horseshoe tattoo design.

small horseshoe tattoo on hand
I’m sure you would like to try any of these small tattoo ideas for men. Would you?


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