Discover Popular 1970s hairstyles : Shag, Wings, Wedge and Center Part

Hairstyle and fashion of these days is quite inspired from past. There are many 1970 hairstyles which are still very popular in 2014-15. Today, I would like to highlight some really popular hairstyles of seventies for those who want to know what was considered “In” during that era in fashion industry.

Long Hairstyles of 1970s

When it comes to popular long hair style of 1970s then you would surprise to know that women love to wear long straight hair with center parting. If you check latest fashion and hairstyle trend in 2014-15 then you also see that center part is very prominent in almost every fashion run-way. Extreme and casual center parting would be the popular hairstyle trend of 2014-15. In 1970s hairstyles list, long straight and center parting hair came on the top list for the girls and women.

seventies hairstyles long strraight

70s hair long straight

70s inspired long straight hair

Long hairstyles were common in vogue from 1960s but their popularity hit the extreme level in 1970s. Women appeared in TV shows and movies with very long straight hair that was parted in the center. Ali MacGraw in the movie Love Story(1970) and Peggy Lipton in famous TV series Mod Squad (1968-1973 were two great example of this popular 1970s hairstyle.

70s hairstyles center parting

Short hairstyles of 1970s

Women of that era also cut their hair short. They were very modern and stylish. Two popular short hairstyle of 1970s were Wedge and Shag haircut.

Shag haircut in Sevcnties

The credit of this hairstyle popularity is given to hairdresser Paul McGregor who created shag haircut for Jane Fonda’s character “Bree Daniel” in the film Klute (1971). This hairstyle featured full fringe,layers that graduated from the sides and no frill cut. In seventies hairstyles, people also categorized very long version of shag haircut that was called “The Gypsy Cut”. Shag hairstyle was among the famous 1970s hairstyles and it was worn by both sexes. Shag haircut is still popular among girls in 2014, though it has refined a lot.

70s inspired hairstyles for women70s inspired shag hairstyle

70s hairstyles shag

70s best hairstyles shag




70s shag haircut


The Wedge 70s hairstyle

Credit of this hairstyle is given to Vidal Sassoon protégé Trevor Sorbie who created it in 1974. This hairstyle featured short hair with steep angled layers all around sides and back. The layered cut create a triangular shape that was longer on top while short and extremely heavier layers on the back and sides. If you want to see the best example of this hairstyle then you have to look at Dorothy Hamil who was a famous wearer of Wedge hairstyle. She won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in 1976 and many women all across America wanted to get the same “Wedge haircut “ that was worn by this star of skating. It was no doubt one of the amazing 1970s hairstyles. Wedge is also worn by girls these days but they don’t opt for heavy layers, this hair style has become simple now.

70s hairstyles wedge

70s inspired wedge haircut

Shoulder length hairstyles of 1970s

In seventies, women love to wear a featured haircut along with flicked out “Wings”. UK school girls loved to enhance the look of their straight hair with flicked fringe that is named as wings. Flick came along with both short and long 1970s hairstyles. The popularity of this hairstyle touched the peak level when Charlie’s Angels (1976) appeared with stunning flicked hair that was in the shape of Farrah Fawcett and her “Farrah flicks”.

70s feathered hairstyle with wings

70s popular hairstyles feathered flicked out wings 1970s hairstyles wings


Flicks on fringe was often center parted and known as wings. Flicks were also created in the bottom of shorter hair just to enhance the volume of hair. The crown and top area of hair remained straight and sleek. In order to create the enticing flicks, women used heated styling tools along with rollers and tongs.

Finally, you have got completed idea of very popular 1970s hairstyles. So, whenever you have to try seventies hairstyling theme in your college or school, you won’t feel it hard to pick a particular hairstyle for yourself.

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