Discover Mind Blowing Zipper tattoo ideas

The people who are ready to try new and unique kinds of tattoos must opt for zipper tattoo. This tat always looks great and attractive. Generally, guys opt for this kind of tattoo because they want to show themselves very strong via it. They also try to demonstrate a message of “I don’t care about my pain” via it. There are always some personal meanings of Zipper tattoos. There is no specific meaning behind it.

realistic zipper tattoos

Meanings of Zipper Tattoos

I knew many people are still looking for the meaning of this tattoo but reality is that every person has its own personal meanings associated with it. Some people get a zipper tattoo just to show that they have good control over their pain. Others like to say that they are feeling pain and they have some hidden injuries due to someone very special to them. Zipper tattoo meanings get different for girls. There are many girls who think that if someone unzips their heart and body then he would realize that how much pain they are covering. This tattoo is commonly associated with pain and struggle. But again there is no one specific meaning of it.

chest zipper tattoos

zipper tattoo design

realistic zipper tatoto

back zipper tattoos

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Zipper tattoo Design ideas

One of the common zipper tattoo design is one when a person uncover his skin flesh by unzipping his body. Though it is a common design yet only a few tattooist can create it in an amazing way. Some people have some luck in finding the best tattoo artist who makes very realistic tattoo designs. The price of getting a realistic zipper tat would be higher than a normal design.

eye zipper tattoos

music and zipper tattoo design

zipper tattoo for wrist skin flesh and zipper tattoo

Generally, girls and guys get zip tattoo on their back but some other good places to have this tattoo are sleeves, wrist, legs, chest, etc. You have to ask your tattoo artist to design zipper tattoos in a way that it looks quite realistic, so no one knows that you have a tattoo.

skull with zipper tattoos

human face and zipper tattoo

stylish zebra printing with tattoo ziprealistic zip tattoos

No matter what place you choose for zipper tattoo, you need to carry it in a way that it is hard for others to know whether you have an injury or a tattoo. Use of red tattoo ink is a good option that everyone should try, but never overdo this idea. Browse the best idea and get a zip tattoo now.

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