Dig into Green Eyes Makeup Ideas and Tips

Are you going to buy makeup items? I think it’s time to wait for a while and explore some good green eyes makeup tips. These tips make it easy for you to choose the best makeup item that matches to your eyes. Some girls get the makeup item without considering their eyes color and it is indeed a wrong decision. They must have an idea what eyeshadow they should get, what eyeliner would compliment their eyes and what mascara would make their eyes pop.

makeup idea for green eyes

Explore Cool Makeup tips for Green Eyes

1.Accentuate Green eyes with Purple Shades

Positive and negative poles of energy always work together and same is true for purple. When you check the color wheel then you see that green is opposite to purple shade. So, green eyed girls should opt for purple shades. Whenever you are going top apply the purple then you should avoid blue undertones, blue eyeshadows and eyeliner; this combination won’t work. Some girls don’t like to opt for deep purple eyeshadow since they consider it too sharp to apply for; they can grab soft look with the mean of grayish-lavender shadow.

purple makeup for green eyes purple makeup for green eyespurple makeup for green eyespurple makeup for green eyed girls

2.Play with Plum

Another eyeshadow that enhances the look of green eyes is plum. If you have close-set of eyes then you can easily set it apart by applying plum shade on the outer eye edges and purple shade toward the inner eye. Try triple shade of plum, if you really want to bring out the green eyes.

plum makeup ideasgreen eyes plum makeupgreen eyes plum makeupbrone and plum for green eyes girls

3.Use color Eyeliner Frequently, Black Occasionally

It is one of the best green eyes makeup tips. No doubt, women love to wear black eyeliner but fact is that they can define their eyes easily via color eyeliner. Buy chocolate brown or espresso liner for everyday use. Want to get glamorous look? Opt for gold plum eyeliner. If you want to open your eyes then apply a small amount of white eyeliner to the inner corner near to tear duct. Girls, who don’t like to skip black, should prefer charcoal over dark black.

green eyes colored eyeliner and mascara

4.Warm Shades vs. Cool Shades

Normally, girls get confuse whether they need to apply warm shades or cool shades on eyelid. Green eyed girls should pick warm colors of dark green, lavender, purple, plum or lilac. Though cool shade look fine on eyes yet warm shades make them really pop. If a girl combines deep brown or dark green eye shadow   gold flecks, then green eyes would look simply magical. When it comes to highlighter, the best colors are gold and cooper.

dark grey green eye makeupgreen eyes light makeupgreen eyes violet shade

5. Color Mascara is a Terrific Choice

Instead of thickening the lashes with black eye mascara, green eyes girls can opt for brown mascara. Any tone of brown looks fine but try to get dark brown shade. Actually, when black color is used, then eyes look overpowered.

dark green eye makeup

6. Try Metallic shades but not Silver

Girls surely like to look fabulous in special parties. Metallic shades surely look great for green eyes girls, but one shade that isn’t suitable for this color eye is silver. Don’t opt for silver. However, you can experiment with cooper, bronze and gold , these colors look terrific on eyes. Metallic shades are perfect for evening parties,and shows.

green eyes metallic colrosgreen eyes brown smokey

Some cool Green Eyes Makeup Ideas

Once you have got the best green eyes makeup tips, next important thing that you need to know is to get some cool makeup ideas for green eyes. Below you can explore really cool ideas.

Smoky Maroon Eyes Makeup with Pink Glossy Lips

It’s indeed one of the coolest green eyes makeup ideas. Apply maroon and black color over eyelid. Light thin brown or black eyeliner would look smashing. Apply light coat of brown or black mascara. When it comes to the lips, try pink shiny lip gloss.

maroon makeup for green eyes

Smoky Black Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

If you have light tone green shades then you can opt for smoky black eye makeup. Use charcoal and deep black colors for intensifying eye’s beauty. Pink or peach lipstick would perfectly compliment this makeup.

black smokey for green eyessmoky makeup for green eyes

Go Pink on Green Eyes

Want to get cute girl look? Then you need to go pink. Apply light pink eyeshadow, lip gloss and blush-on. Try glossy blush-on for getting super glowing look.

pink soft makeup for green eyesgreen eyes soft pink makeup

Be Natural on Green Eyes

It’s one of my favorite green eyes makeup ideas. Instead of applying any dark green or brown shade, you can try natural eye makeup. Use light peach or pale pink shade just to get natural eyes. Spice up this natural makeup with red lips or light lipstick.

peach makeup for green eyesmakeup for green eyed girlsPeach Looks Cool on Green Eyes

If you need a soft look then you can opt for peach eyeshadow and lip gloss. This makeup offers you an eye-catching look. It is a perfect day makeup for green eyes.

peach makeup for green eyesmakeup for green eyed women

Sky for Green eyes, bring dramatic effect

You can opt for pastel colors in summer or spring makeup for green eyes. Sky looks wonderful with green eyes. It also wides close set eyes. Pink matte or gloss lips also compliment this unique style makeup.

green eyes blue purple makeupgreen eyes sky color

No matter which of these green eyes makeup ideas you like, you must follow basic makeup tips for green eyes first.

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