Dig into 15 Cute Small Tattoo Ideas for Girls

Mostly, girls like to get small and cute tattoos. They always search the best and the most cutest designs. Normally, it has been observed  that girls get tiny tats on their ankle, shoulder, neck, and wrist. But some girls pick other parts of body for dropping black ink of tattoo. No matter what place you have picked, I’m here to give you a chance to peep into a finest collection of 15 cute small tattoo ideas for girls. Let’s dig down this collection.

small bird tattoos for girls

Idea No.1 Small Cross Tattoo

If you a little religious then you have to consider this tattoo which always look cool on neck. Usually, girls and get small Christian Cross Tattoo on neck but another place you can try is wrist. The meaning of cross tattoo is the believe on Christianity.

cross tattoo for girls small cross tattoo

Idea No.2 Little Heart Tattoo

Have you fallen in love? The best way to portray your feeling is to get a very small cute heart tattoo. Though a single heart looks great but some girls combine a small heart with a big one. Heart tattoo meaning is very clear i.e. true love.

heart tattoo for girlsheart tattoo girls

Idea No.3 Small Triangle Tattoo

One of the best and  religious small tattoo ideas for girls is small triangle. It is good to know that different people associate different meanings to a triangle. According to Christians, a triangle means trinity i.e. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

triangle tattoo girls

Idea No.4 Hello Kitty Tattoo

Hello Kitty is the cutest and the most popular character among little girls. Normally, this tattoo is worn by those girls who consider themselves very innocent and cute.

hello kitty tattoo girls

Idea No.5 Small Dolphin Tattoo

The girls who like to spend their life with great freedom opt for small dolphin tattoos. The meaning of Dolphin tattoo is free spirit. If you want to enjoy your life without any kind of worries or family tension, then get it.

dolphin tattoo for girlsdolphin tattoo mean

Idea No.6 Small Dog Tattoo

Many times, girl get small dog tattoo. The meaning of this tattoo is loyalty. This tattoo looks great on neck, shoulder and wrists but some girls like it behind their ear.

dog tattoo

Idea No.7 Little Bird Tattoo

If you need some cool and small tattoo ideas for girls then you have to consider bird tattoo design. There are different kinds of bird tattoos. However, hummingbird tattoo is the perfect style for the girl. The meaning of humming bird tattoos are peace, attraction, hard work, happiness, care and freedom.

bird tattoo for girls

Idea No.8 Small clock tattoo Design

Another great small tattoo idea for girl is clock tattoo. The clock tattoo represents passages of time, our moments on earth , etc. This tattoo design is equally popular among men and women.

Iclock tattoo girls

Idea No.9 Musical Notes Tattoos

he girls can show their love and passion for music with musical notes tattoos. They usually get such tattoos on the front or back shoulders. Some girls like to get single note tattoo on wrist.

musical note tattoo

Idea No.10 Small Star Tattoo

One of the best and small tattoo ideas for girls could be a star tat. Star symbolizes a bright and shining point of your life. If you are going to achieve something really big then you can consider such tattoo.

star tattoo for girls

Idea No.11 Sunglasses tattoo design

In case you are looking for a very cute and cool tattoo for yourself then you have to consider sunglasses tattoo on your finger or wrist.

sunglasses tattoo

Idea No.12 Little Flower tattoo

When it comes to some cool small tattoo ideas for girls then list is incomplete without flower tattoo. The meaning of flower tattoo varies from one person to another and one culture to another. Different types of flowers have different meanings, so it is hard to give a single mean. You can go with any flower design but if you are interested in lotus then i suggest you to discover meanings of different lotus flower tattoo designs.

small flower tattoo for girlssmall flower tattoo for girls

Idea No.13 Cute dog Paw tattoo

Dog or cat paw print tattoo is a memorial tattoo design. If you want to give a tribute to your lost pet then you can consider this kind of small tat idea.

paw tattoo designs paw tattoo mean

Idea No.14 Peacock Feather tattoo

One of the cutest small tattoo ideas for girl is peacock feather tattoo. Some girls like colored tattoo design while other prefer black and white. Peacock feather tattoo symbolizes vanity, pride, royalty, spirituality, kindness, love, compassion, good will, bad luck, protectiveness, glory, etc.

peacock feather tattoo girls

Idea No.15 Love tattoo

If you like some one and want to demonstrate your true love to him then you can write LOVE on your wrist, finger or some other part. This is no doubt a very romantic tattoo idea.

love tattoo girls love tattoo girls

After checking all these small tattoo ideas for girls, it won’t be hard for you to pick one for yourself.

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