Cute Nursery Room Ideas for Baby Boy and Girl

So you are going to welcome your new baby at home? You surely have to maintain a separate room for baby boy or girl. This nursery room should be decorated in a stylish and trendy way. When it comes to decor of this room then you will have tons of options to choose from. However, you need to pick those nursery room ideas that are not only modern but also very comfortable. Let’s start exploring nursing room decor ideas for baby boy and baby girl.

baby girl nursery room theme

Baby Boy Nursery Room Decor ideas

Generally, parents choose blue color for baby boy room but there should be some exception as well. No need to be super traditional, think outside the box whenever it is possible. Let’s grab some trendy ideas for the decor of baby boy nursery room.

Need a Little Luxury Nursery Room for your little guy?

Generally, parents pick cartoon or zoo theme for baby boy room but you can try something really different by adopting luxury theme for your kid. This luxury theme can be achieved with the helping hand of an interior designer. This luxury black and white theme has a little mustard yellow touch in it. You need to get black and white pattern graphics on one wall while rest of room wall need white paint. When it comes to curtain then you can get black and white flowery pattern curtains in both sides while middle big area of window can be covered through mustard shade light curtain. Let the sun rays enter into the room. There should be a chantelle lighting right above black crib. Other prominent things are black and white cabinet and yellowish mustard couch.

baby boy luxury room theme Think about Grey, Beige and greyish Green Theme

Another idea for baby boy nursery room is to opt for beige, greyish green and grey theme. Instead of overpowering a single shade, you can use three different colors in an intelligent way. Use triple shade curtain and wall hangings while get grey and white crib for your little sweetheart. Add other colors chair set, cushions and cabinets. Don’t forget to place a model of horse at the side of crib.

baby boy grey and white nursery room theme

Teddy Bear Theme Nursery Room Ideas for Baby Boy

If you need a little Disney style room for your little cute guy then it is suggested to opt for teddy bear style and theme. Good thing about this theme is that you can copycat is as soon as you can. Actually, you can easily purchase bear theme crib, cupboard, desks, side tables and other things. Everything is available ready-made in the market, there is only a need to search and get furniture and other room boy nursery room idea

baby boy theme ideasbaby boy teddy bear theme Tree theme Boy Nursery Room Ideas

No doubt, it’s a unique but wonderful idea that you would love to try. People who don’t like common ideas can surely opt for it. In this idea, you must have a green big artificial tree next to wooden and steel crib of your little boy. You also need to make small door and window in the tree as shown in the image. The beauty of this idea also depends on inverted lights that are set just above the crib.

baby boy nursery room theme

Sunflower Theme for Boy Nursery Room Decor

This idea is simply beautiful and if your little boy has brought new energy and ray of hope into your life then definitely you can pick this theme for decorating his room. The main color of theme is orange but you surely need to focus on other colors as well such as white, green, yellow. Get sunflower theme cupboard, side tables, cabinets, and crib. You are able to get sunflower theme wall hanging at the same shop from you get sunflower them furniture for decor of your baby boy room. Get orange color on main wall and white will look good on rest. Don’t forget to get stuffed and other toys for boosting up charm factor of this nursery room.

baby boy nursery room idea

 Nursery Room Ideas for Baby Girls

If God has blessed you with soft and cute baby girl then you must have to decorate her nursery room in a girly way. In another words, you need to pick those color combinations that are specific for little babies. Let’s peep into some cool design and decor ideas for baby girl nursery room.

Opt for Usual Pink

Mostly, parents pick pink color for new born baby girl since this is a color associated with females. You can surely choose pink color theme for your little sweetie. For decorating pink nursery room, your full focus should be on pink items. Get pink crib, cabinet, wall hanging, lamps, crib curtain, crib skirt, crib bedding,etc. When it comes to rugs and wall curtain, you surely need to go for soft pink color. baby girl pink room theme
If you don’t want full pink room for your little daughter then you can mix pink with clear white shade, because this combination looks simply fantastic. It’s also a common theme for princess’ room.

baby girl nursery room ideasDull Red Nursery Room Ideas for Baby Girl

Another idea that you can try for the decoration of girl nursery room is to opt for dull red and white theme. You need to get wooden crib and then to decorate it with red and white crib curtain, bedding, cushions and skirt. Don’t forget to decorate the wooden cabinet or cupboard with red and white check pattern lamp, picture frame, cushions, cloth bag and other things.

baby girl nursery room ideas


Sky Theme Idea for Baby Nursery Room’s Decor

This theme looks very pious and pure, so pick it for your innocent sweetheart. You need to get wooden crib and then to decorate it with sky white shade bedding, curtain, skirt and cushions. Use same sky shade curtains for windows. Paint the wall with smooth sky blue shade. This is all you need to get this fantastic baby nursery room theme.


baby girl nursery room theme design

Shocking Pink and White Girl Nursery Room Seems Simply Brilliant

You can also termed it as rose theme for baby girl’s room decor. No doubt, it’s unusual room decor idea for nursery but it looks simply wonderful. Your task is to change every single thing in the room from roof to wall to floor. Hang shocking pink curtains for covering windows. Use light pink paint on walls. Get roof rose graphics and spread light pink shade carpet on floor.Place white crib in the middle of room and then decorate it with shocking pink and creamy white plain silk crib skirt. Room must have white cabinet and desks just to compliment shocking pink crib and curtain. Don’t forget to hang luxury lighting right above crib of your little sweetie.

baby girl nursery room theme

Butterfly and Flower theme for Girl Nursery Room

It is a super special decoration idea for baby girl room. The main work in this theme is to decorate the walls in an extraordinary way. Your tasks is to get flowery graphics on walls and then to make the wall more beautiful by setting artificial colorful butterflies on the walls. Always pick colorful crib bedding for a simple white or pink crib.Don’t forget to adore the windows of your kid’s room.

baby girl nursery room theme

Nursery Room Ideas for Both Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Now I would like to provide you two ideas that you can try for the decor of both baby boy and baby girl. Go and explore theme.

1.Tree Theme for Boy or Girl Nursery Room Decor

If you don’t need super special setting for nursery room then simple idea is to opt for wall decals or wall paper. You can get tree decals and decorate one wall of your boy or girl nursery room with it. Tree decals always look good when you place them next to your kid’s crib.

nursery room theme ideas2.Zoo Theme for Boy and Girl Nurseries

It is a fact that new born baby feel great attraction in animal and birds. So, you can get zoo theme for the nursery room decoration. Your tasks is to get zoo wall paper for one wall and then to decorate rest of room walls with animal decals. Also get stuffed toys for enhancing overall look of this particular theme.

monkey room theme for baby boyNow you have enough nursery room ideas for baby boy and girl. It’s right time to select one idea that matches with your preference and requirements.


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