Cool Summer Makeup Art Ideas 2014

Makeup wasn’t ever considered as an art until few makeup artists showed a side of themselves by beautifying the human bodies using their creativity, incorporating the elements from the  nature. As the summer season is already knocking on our doors, with this new ideas are being sprung about cool summer makeup art ideas 2014. The trees whose leaves have fallen during the winter will juvenile once again with fresher colors so will the flowers be able to saturate their lust with delicious dew drops- with this all beauty coming to life, makeup art is taking a pace with everything colorful, fresh and juicy related to the summer.
Applying colors in an inspiration of summer fruits isn’t a new idea but the new thing is to have a more classy ambiance in overall ambiance, even though you are following an old makeup idea related to summer. We all have super colors in eye shadows palettes available already such as orange, blue, red, purple and black- the technique goes into applying these colors appropriately in order to be a perfect ‘summer season fruit’.
Since fruits will be in plenty during summer- oh yes, it reminds you of the sunshine, beach waters, hot sands of the shores and all the surfing chores that will start from the first day of the season, but never forget to prove yourself a realistic summer diva as it all takes few colors to be juicy and yummy.
Here are some cool summer makeup art ideas for makeup aficionados out there.


watermelon makeup 2014


berries makeup 2014


grapes makeup 2014

POMEGRANATE ART 2014pomegranate makeup 2014

KIWI FRUIT ART 2014kiwi makeup 2014LEMON ART 2014

lemon makeup 2014

ORANGE FRUIT ART 2014orange makeup 2014

APPLE ART 2014apple makeup 2014

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