Comb over hairstyle is among the Top men hair trends 2015

Do you need handsome guy look? It is possible if you opt for comb over hairstyle. This is among the most hair that has a power to give your personality and appearance a perfect finish. It is a short hairstyle that features long hair on the front while back and sides hair are usually tapered.

sleek men combover hair

Comb over is perfect hairstyle for bald men

Comb over or combover hairstyle is normally worn by bald men. They usually comb their front hair in such a way that their bald head patches can easily be covered. They can easily minimize the baldness evidence via this kind of short hairstyle for men. There are many young people who opt for combover hair style because this particular hairstyle offers them a modern look.

bald men hairstyles combover

Modern Comb Over hairstyle

Combover isn’t a hairstyle that is specific to only bald men, other guys can also give it a good try. Many model appear on run-way with this style because it add chic-factor into their personality. In fashion industry, style artist usually prefer combover hairstyle because it is very simple to set and always look very trendy..

best combover hairstyle for menmodern men combover hairstyles

comb over men hairstyle ideas

men simple combover hairstyles

Variation in Combover hairstyle

Interesting thing is that different men add their own style factor into combover hairstyle. Some like to side part a combover while other keep it simple and straight. This hairstyle always require good gel for setting and of course a good comb. Nothing specific or expensive is required for the routine setting of combover.

easy combover hairstyle for men

best combover hairstyle for menbest hairstyle men combover



combover haircut men

simple combover hairstyle for men

model comb over hairstylesstylish hairstyle for men combover

Celebrities with Comb over hairstyles

If you take inspiration from celebrities hairstyles then you would like to know that  tons of top male celebrities have worn this hairstyle. The celebs who shine with comb over hairstyle are David Beckham,Chris Pines, Zac Efron , George Clooney, etc.

david beckham combover hairstyles

zac efron combover hair

ryan gosling combover hairstules

justin timberlake comb over hair
Justin Timberlake

combover hairstyle of george clooneychris pines combover hairstyles

So, what you need more? If you want to look stylish and handsome then you should opt for combover hairstyles that is an amazing part of top men hair trends 2015. Don’t Forget to check another amazing hairstyle “Low fade haircut for men


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