15 Cool Christmas Party Hairstyles for Kids

Dear moms, I really need your attention as I am going to highlight 20 fantastic Christmas party hairstyles for kids. I love kids as they are innocent.  I like to do styling for kids as it makes them happier than me. When it comes to special events like Christmas 2015 then mothers really have to pay attention to their kids outfit , hairstyles and many others things. So, I decided to help them a bit and give them 20 cool ideas of hair styling. I hope you would like to grab my helping hand.

15 Superb Christmas Party Hairstyles for Kids

Let’s check my cool collection for Christmas party kids hair.

1.Make a Rudolph

Christmas stories characters such as Rodalph, reindeers, Santa Claus, and many others should be in your mind when you are going to get hair accessories for kids. Make a donut hair bun and then set accessories in a way that this bun turned into Rudolph. Seems like a good idea to me. What do you think?

cute reindeer hairstyle idea for kids

Image via instagram/pugmumand3kids

2.Bubble Braids Hairdo

I really like to pull off bubble braids as they look simply amazing. As we are talking about Christmas eve hair styles, so we need to add a little festive touch to this particular hairstyle. What to do? Really simple, you should add colorful hair ribbons or different colored elastics.

christmas hairstyles for little girls with ribbons


Image via instagram/pugmumand3kids

3.Snowman  hair bun

Another great idea to try this Christmas 2015 is to use hair and make a snowman. I know it sounds not really easy but all you have to create a braid hairupdo and then to accentuate it with snowman accessories. I hope that ideas has become easy to follow now.

christmas cute snowman hairstyle idea

Image via instagram/pugmumand3kids

4.Simple side braids with ribbons

If you believe in “Simply the best” kind of hair styling then you should make simple side braids by weaving some colored ribbons into it. The best colors to choose for Christmas party hairstyles are red, white and green.

christmas side braids hairstyles

Image via Instagram/australiangirlfan

5.Christmas Tree Hair with fishtail braid

Want to make a Christmas tree of your kids hair? It is quite possible. All you have to make a braid weaved with green ribbons. Don’t forget to use a big star hair clip for decorating your little girl’s tree hair style.

christmas tree hair style kids

Image via Instagram/learndoteach

6.Christmas Tree hairstyles with red/white bow

Another simple way of making tree from hair is to create two side braids and then to use color ribbons to combine these braids.The most important party of your hair style would be hair accessories such as red and white Christmas hair bow.

christmas party hairstyles tree idea

Image via Instagram/popgoesthepink

7.Snowman Christmas Party Hairstyle

If you little sweetie has long hair then you  should give a try to this amazing hair style idea. It requires you to make two up and down braided updo. Once you are done with high and low kind of braids hairdo then the next step would be to turn this hairstyle into a snowman with Christmas hair accessories.

make a reindeer with hair

Image via Instagram/learndoteach

8.Christmas Donut bun with Red and white ribbons

I really like donut hair bun as they look quite sweet to me. Make this bun and then add a festive touch to it by using red and white hair ribbons. Don’t forget to encircle your bun with beautiful braid as it would make your kid hairstyle simply amazing.

hair bun with red and white ribbons

Image via Instagram/learndoteach

9.Rudolph Dark Hair bun

It is quite easy to turn your hair into donut bun especially when you have this bun band handy. So, create this hair updo and then decorate it in a way that it turns into a cute Rudolph.

rudolph hairstyle idea for kids

Image via Instagram/learndoteach

10.White Snowman Hairstyling

No doubt, snowman is a favorite character of kids as they love to make one in the front yard. So, why don’t you offer you sweetie the same look with her hair. Make a bun and use snowman hair accessories for making the most from her style.

cute christmas rudolph hair accessories

Image via Instagram/learndoteach

11.Santa Claus hat hairstyles

How can we forget santa claus when it comes to Christmas party hairstyles? So, create double side hair braid and bring them close with red ribbon.Use white ball on the top of this cap and secure this hairstyle with white hair ribbon. This is how you are going to create Santa hat from your little girl’s hair.

christmas tree hairstyle for kids

Image via Instagram/learndoteach

12.Christmas hair bun with side braid

This is a classic yet beautiful hairstyle idea to try for. Start with front side dutch braid and then lead it towards back where you have to create a donut hair bun. Make this hairstyle more beautiful by adding red hair bow, red and white ribbons and lighting wires donut hair bun accessories.

side dutch braid and donut hair bun

Image via instagram/besthairtutorials

13.Fishtail braid Christmas Party hairstyles

Need something really beautiful and sleek? You may love to give a try to simply beautiful double side fishtail braids that leads into a single low fishtail braid. Now you may ask how it will become a Christmas  hair style. Well, you have to use hair ribbon or red hair bow  for adding extra charm to this style

double fishtail braid hairstyle for christmas

Image via Instagram/mimiamassari

14.Easy Braid hairstyle for Party

If you are in search for a very easy kind of hairstyle for your little girl then you are lucky. I have a great idea for you. First of all, divide her hair into two parts. One top and one low.Make a ponytail of top hair section and then lead into lower parts where you will create a simple three strand English braid. Once done with braiding, use Christmas red hair bow and ribbons.

christmas party hairstyles for kids

Image via Instagram/w.h.e.e.l

14.Christmas Dutch braid

You may like to create Dutch braids. So, you definitely can make this style for Christmas Eve as well. However one thing that you must have to do while weaving a braid is to add some colored ribbons into your style.

dutch braid hairstyle idea for christmas eve

Image via instagram/wonderfulworldofbraids

Christmas Party hairstyles Wrap Up:

To be really honest with you, there are tons of hairstyles that you might try on Christmas Eve for your little girl. Try to be a bit creative. If you know how to do French, dutch and other braids then  you can use hair ribbons or other accessories for adding festive touch to these braids. I have shared 15 cool ideas of hairstyling with you. Now it’s your time to give a vote to your favorite idea. If you have some more ideas of Christmas party hairstyles then feel free to share them with my readers.

Happy Christmas 2015 in advance!!!

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