Change your look with Short bangs hairstyles 2015

Want to change your look completely in the upcoming year? You should opt for short bangs hairstyles 2015. Bangs are among the most amazing hairstyles for girls. It makes their look simply appealing and terrific. There are many different ways to wear short bangs. Let’s explore some great ideas that you can try.

2014 pixie bangs hair

Bob Haircut with Short bangs

When it comes to hairstyle along with some bangs, you have many different options to choose from. The most common yet very attractive method is to get bob haircut. This haircut seems really impressive all the time. Normally, professional women prefer bangs with bob as it is an easy and elegant hairstyle to try. However, this hairstyle is also good for school going girls.

short bangs and bob hairstyles

short bob and bangs hairstyles

2015 bangs hairstyles

Pixie with Short bangs hairstyle

Another way to wear short bangs hairstyles 2015 is to get a pixie edgy haircut. You need to chop your hair off and then to get some edges. There shouldn’t be any kind of fine look.This hairstyle make your look very bold and only daring girls can carry it in a great way. This hairstyle requires frequent maintenance session. You are able to see many celebrities with pixie and short bangs. Some like to fill the forehead with bangs while other try to keep hair off by side sweeping the fringe.Your task is to get some bangs, after that you can style it in your own desirable way.

short bangs hairstyles 2014

pixie edgy bangs 2014 hairstyles

pixie hairstyles 2014

short bangs hairstyles 2015

Shag haircut with Short hair Bangs

The complete change in your look is made possible with shag haircut and short bang hairstyles 2015. Shaggy style suits almost every girl unless she isn’t very bold. It is a fact that some girls get shag cut but they don’t know how to style it in a proper way. This hairstyle wants you to apply some gel and hair cream before you start brushing the hair. Without any cream or gel, you won’t be able to get edgy bangs and perfect shag hair look.

2015 shaggy and bangs hairstyles

shagg haircu 2014 bangs 2014 short hairstyles

In simple words, women are able to try many different short bangs hairstyles 2015. They only have to decide which style they can carry easily. Bob seems to be an easy hairstyling option to try for, while edgy shag haircut wants you to put some effort and time on styling.

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