Celtic Knot Tattoos 2014 Symbols and Legends

Celtic knot tattoos 2014 are good for those who are going to get into an eternal relationship or ones who are intending on committing for a marital relation for good. The announcement of the engagement can be followed easily by wearing Celtic knot tattoos and two parts of the same tattoo design should be worn by each partner. Sometimes, it is not necessary to wear the same design, one of the partner can wear the name of the other partner in Celtic knot bands and the second partners can do the same.

What do Celtic knot tattoo symbolize? They symbolize bond, community, vows, promise, union, intertwining, marriage, protection and sometimes good luck. If one has found himself trapped in a kind of spiritual or mental realm, a Celtic knot tattoo can help them release themselves.

Many cultures use or wear the Celtic knot tattoos as a symbol for family ties, relationships and as a part of showing affection that exists there and will stay there forever. The popular term ‘typing the knot’ came from Victorian time, a way of saying that a marriage is underway between two partners, if they wear Celtic tattoo knot designs, it is a way of telling they are either engaged or have been married. The tattoo itself is a symbol of connection, love and bond they have made/intend to make.

Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic Knots Meanings by Romans

The ancient Roman had their own meanings driven by the Celtic knots and one of many expressions was love, but the emotion was commonly used for rendering of Cupid and sometimes of Venus. The bond of loyalty and union is what the Celtic knots meant for all Romans. If we see it this way, we can explain that the Celtic tattoo designs don’t just show a relationship between two human beings of opposite genders, they can also be used to symbolize love between a man and God.

Celtic Knot Tattoo neck

Celtic Knot Tattoo back

Celtic Knots Symbolism by Celtic

The Celts were wearing Celtic knots for a variety of different purpose, they would use it to express a family heritage or a group or a reunion or relationship between men and animals at spiritual level.

Celtic knots Tattoo designs 2014 or the old ones may have no literal affects on any person, we shouldn’t forget that the knots were believed to have no beginning and no end, therefore they were often used as a symbol of continuity and eternity. The eternity of any human is not feasible after death, however there may still exist the love. Since the knots are somewhat conveying eternal connections, the motifs of Celtic knot tattoos may have convey powerful meanings of continuity.

Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic Knot Tattoo back

Celtic Knots Symbolism by Egyptians

They were associating the knots with eternity of life, they would believe that life was infinite and it is understood to analyze what they had thought was somewhat logical if we see the knot of Isis, which is a kind of a spin-off of the ankh. To them, the knots were showing an immortal love between the goddess and the divine.

Celtic Knot Tattoo arm

Celtic Knots Symbolism by Ancient Europeans

Ancient Europeans were a good believe of black and white magic, their practitioners were using Celtic knots symbols to perform seance or sympathetic rituals, the same was done by Celtic druids. The act of tying the knot was a relief, helped binding the loose ends and helped to protect life. An energy is produced when two loose ends are bound together, they create a galvanizing reaction.

Celtic Knot Tattoo cross

Celtic Knot Tattoo arm

Celtic Knots Meanings by Buddhists

Buddhists were using knots, either tying them or untying them, in order to release themselves from the ties of worldly pleasures, attractions and materialism. The symbol to derive from the tattoo can be, you have no love for all the worldly things whether they are seducing or lavishing, you have something more to preach and love.

Celtic Knot Tattoo green

Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic Knots Meanings by Chinese

The Chinese symbology is unique, different and classic, they thought that the knots were a representative of good energy, in fact it was a barrier that will stop negative energies from intervening into life, so the knots had dual meanings; one they had protection to offer and second they were a symbol of good luck for having energy to influence the soul.

Celtic Knot Tattoo hips

Celtic Knot Tattoo back

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