Celebrity Temporary Tattoos: Beyonce, Katie Holmes & Jessica Alba

Don’t drop ink permanently when you can get a cool design temporarily. Yes, trend of temporary tattoos has been touching to its peak level after the celebrity temporary tattoos. If you need some inspiration then you should look closely at temporary tats of Beyonce, Katie Holmes and Jessica Alba. Temporary tattoos are coming back in the form of gilded, shiny and gleaming designs that matches somehow with jewelry. Let’s discover 3 cool celebrity temporary tattoo designs now.

1.Beyonce with Gilded Jewelry tattoo

Among all celebrity temporary tattoos, I love the way Beyonce drop shimmery ink on her body. We got a chance to look at her amazing temporary jewelry like tattoos during her tour of Luuurve in Portofino with Jay Z. She has gold temporary tattoos from her neck to her hips. She wore very trendy designs of faux-bangles, a statement necklace and a peacock design.

beyonce jewelry like temporary tattoobeyonce gilded jewelry tarttoo

2.Katie Holmes with Gold Tattoo

Another fabulous temporary tattoo design idea is given by Katie Holmes who printed a gold tattoo on the nape of her neck. This tattoo design is simply fantastic. Every girl who loves to follow Katie Holmes would like to get this printed gold temporary tattoo.

katie holmes gold temporary tattoo design

3.Jessica Alba intricate Design

One of the best celebrity temporary tattoo design inspiration for the fans will be the intricate tat design of Jessica. She printed this tattoo on her arm next to her tats pal and BFF, Kelly Sawyer’s. Her design is as amazing as she is. There is a specific pattern in her tattoo.

temporary tattoo intricate design jessica alba

So, girls and guys are you ready to say welcome to temporary tat trend? If yes then you should take an inspiration or at least some idea from celebrity temporary tattoos.

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