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5 Basic Makeup tips for Beginners

If you are a person who consider makeup as an overwhelming task and like to go without it then it’s time to change yourself. Makeup enhances your beauty and style. You must know some basic makeup tricks with which you can make your look beautiful. Today, I’m going to share some makeup tips for beginner. […]

Some Effective Tips for Getting Clear Skin

There is a strong connection between how you look and what your lifestyle is. If you live in any part of Bangladesh, your skin would be flawless even thought the skin tone’s dark black and your teeth would be pearly white. Your region, environment and eating habits collectively determine how healthy or ugly your skin would be. However, there are some effective tips for getting clear skin regardless of where you belong and what your region is. You can combat everything such as harsh weather conditions and environmental changes if you keep taking of your skin as a true devotee.

Five Most Effective Home Remedies for Lips Cracking in Corners

Some cracks, scales and dryness patches begin to appear on your lips when your body suffers from dehydration or lack of water. Never forget that our body is made of 70% water, it needs this natural element for survival, renewal and hydration. If somehow you fail to take good amount of water daily, your lips would chap, get dried out completely and would bleed in severe cases. The bleeding usually starts when the cracks appear on the over dry area.