Buzz Cut is the Best Summer hairstyle for Men

Want to get healthy looking hair in summer? It is advisable to trim your hair a little bit,so no sebum store onto your scalp. Fact is that summer heat causes an extra flow of scalp sebum, which in turn affects the growth and appearance of hair. Your hair looks oily due to excess sebum and you don’t want this kind of look. Instead of spending a lot on hair care products, you should visit barber shop and get a short haircut. Though there is a wide variety of short hairstyle for men but it is suggested to try Buzz cut.

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Why buzz men hairstyle?

Well, buzz hair cut is a suite of different short hairstyles for men. In another words, there is a wide variety of buzz cut. The main styles of buzz are butch cut, crew cut, flattop and ivy league. That’s mean you would have many options to choose from. You are free to choose a hairstyle that suits to your face shape and profession.

butch cut hairstyle for men
Butch Cut
men flattop haircut
short ivy league haircut for men
Ivy League


Universally Acceptable Hairstyle

No doubt, buzz cut is among those summer hairstyles that are acceptable by almost every man from an athlete to an executive. Millions of man around the globe gets this haircut because it is very easy to maintain and it doesn’t want you to visit the barber shop again and again.

men short buzz cut hairstyle stylish buzz cut hairstyle for men

Buzz Hair Cut is Military hairstyle

It is good to know that armed forces recruits of different countries get buzz cut hairstyle since it is simple and easy to maintain. There is no need of trimming again and again. At the start, this hairstyle was used just to prevent the lice among the armed forces recruits but now it is given just to grab uniformity and cooling.

short buzz haircut menmen short hairstyle buzz cut

Best Summer hairstyle

The guys have to work in the office and in the field usually, so they encounter heat more often than women. The best way to deal with the summer is to opt for a buzz cut men hairstyle, this hairstyle leaves a few inches hair on head. That’s mean if heat absorbs in the hair then fresh air will quickly dry the sebum and oil.Contrary to this, the guys who have long hair will feel less airy in summer since fresh air won’t cross easily on the scalp due long length of hair.

short hairstyle for mentom cruise short hairstyle buzz cut

How to Get a Buzz Cut at Home?

If you know how to do cutting then you may like to get a buzz haircut at home. It’s not really hard to get this haircut, you only have to keep in mind a simple formula of 3,2 and 1 for the buzz cut length. The shorter the buzz cut length, the easier it would be to get uniform look.If you choose large length for buzz then you might end up with a messy or uneven hair look. It is good to get a number 3 guard on top, number 2 on the back and number one around the edges. This way, you will have 3/8 inches hair on the top and around one and half on the sides.You need to obtain a good finish close to your frontal hairline.

men buzz cut hairThe guys who are in search for the best summer short hairstyle must consider buzz haircut since it looks cool and trendy all the time. Best of all, it doesn’t want them to spend money again and again over hairstyling.

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