Mindblowing Collection of latest Butterfly Tattoos 2014

Butterflies are sign of delicacy, beauty, nature and attractiveness. Being one of the commonly accepted sign for positive representation, butterflies are widely used in tattoos. Butterfly Tattoos 2014 are very common all over the world. Women prefer to have butterfly tattoos on their body to symbolize their beauty and delicacy. There are a lot of butterfly tattoo ideas which can used while tattooing your body, however, some butterfly tattoo designs are fairly common e.g having a butterfly tattoo on the shoulder or the upper back is fairly common. Some women love to have a butterfly tattoo on their lower back just above the buttocks. There are also some enthusiast who likes to have a butterfly tattoo on their wrists and legs.

butterfly tattoo crotch

Butterfly Tattoo Back womenButterfly is a sign of diversity; it has multiple colors, designs and patterns, due to this diversity most of the people get butterfly tattoos on their bodies, each with their own individual meaning of the butterfly design. To clearly explain the meaning of the butterfly tattoos, some people get tattoos of butterfly in addition to other abstract signs like flowers, plants or sometimes gothic style skulls. Similarly, the butterfly tattoos can be done in almost any color. You can choose your favorite color to have your butterfly tattoo done. In short, butterfly tattoos are the best tattoos designs you can have nowadays.

Butterfly Tattoo Back woman

Butterfly Tattoo upper back

If you are planning to get a tattoo and you are confused about choosing a design for it, you should go for the butterfly tattoos. They have a diverse meaning and can represent a lot of different things and you would never be limited to mere one definition.

Butterfly flowers Tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo breast shoulder

Butterfly Tattoo shoulder

Butterfly Tattoo shoulder back

Butterfly Tattoo outline breast

Butterfly Tattoo chest

Butterfly Tattoo shoulder

Butterfly Tattoo full back

Butterfly Tattoo shoulder

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