Bridesmaid hairstyles: Straight, updo and curly

Bridesmaids usually get confused when it comes to hairstyling. They first need to decide about their matching dress for wedding day and then they have to select a particular hairstyle. Choosing braidemaid hairstyles isn’t a very easy task because they have to choose a hairstyle that suits to almost every girl face shape , cut and size. Some girls get crazy when they have to pick one specific hairstyle, so they usually prefer to choose different hairstyle for all. However, if they do so then they won’t look alike even they wear the same dress. Therefore, it is good to choose at least one or two same bridesmaid hairstyles.


Updo hairstyles for bridesmaid

Well, it is a common yet the most effective choice for the bridesmaid. Many girls pick it because it is very easy to work with it. They don’t have to think a lot. Generally, updo hairstyle is preferable for girls with long hair. However, if you don’t have long hair then you need to don’t need to worry because you can have a solution in the form of extensions or ready-made hair updos. You can set updo with your own hair. It seems to be a great option.

peach dress and hairstyle bridesmaid
Bridesmaid hairstyles with peach dress
sky blue dress and hairstyles of bridesmaid
Bridesmaid updo hairstyle with sky blue dress

Bridesmaid updo hairstyles are of different kind and style. Normally, women like to wear messy hair updo as it looks romantic and wonderful. It is good to keep thing sleek on front and a little messy hairstyle on the back. Flower hair updo is one of the popular bridesmaid hairstyles. A hair artist can easily make a messy or well-finished floral updo with the hair. Braided updo is another good choice but if you really want to get magical look then you should try curly hair updo.

updo hairstyle of bridesmaid
Side swept bridesmaid updo hairstyle
bridesmaid white dress and updo hairstyle
Bridesmaid White dress with side parted updo hairstyle
wedding updo hairstyles
updo hairstyle

Straight and simple bridesmaid hairstyles

If you don’t need very fancy updo hairstyle but needs something really simple then you should opt for sleek and straight hair with a front teaser updo. You first need to backcomb a portion of front hair and then to set a sleek straight portion over it for getting a good finish updo on front. Now take hair iron and straight the back and side hair. Bridesmaids would surely look wonderful with sleek and straight hairstyle.

easy bridemaid hairstyles
Simple straight bridesmaid hairstyles

Curly or Wavy hairstyle for Bridesmaid

Curls and waves add some body to the hair. Girls who have thin hair should try this kind of bridesmaid hairstyles.They can either curl their hair or add some wavy texture into the hair.The main purpose is to add some glam factor and to boost up the appearance. This hairstyle is suitable for girls with long or medium hair length.

bridesmaid side curly hair
Side curly hairstyles of bridesmaid
dress and curly hairstyle bridesmaid
Perfect curly hair with beige dresses bridesmaids
simple curly hairstyle bridemaid
Curly hairstyles of Bridesmaid
curly hairstyle bridesmaid
Aqua green dress and curly bridesmaid hairstyles
curly romantic bridesmaid hair
Romantic bridesmaid hairstyles

I’m sure you won’t feel it hard to pick the best hairstyle for you as you have explored the best bridesmaid hairstyles. Pick the one and do some magic on your sister or friend’s wedding.

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