Black women look Gorgeous with Chic Tree braids

Do you want to add some style into your personality? It’s advisable to opt for tree braids. Good thing about this hairstyle is that they can go with any kind of hair. No matter you have natural curly, wavy or straight hair, you can go for it. Another good thing is that you can create tree braided hairstyle with or without extension, choice is completely yours. No matter you need small or lengthy tree braids, this kind of hairstyle is very easy to maintain.

straight hair and tree braids

Tree braided hairstyles in Summer

African American usually opt for tree braids in summer. Reason is that this season is quite hot in many areas of world where women get tree braid- which make their skull open for air and cooling. It doesn’t mean this tree braid hairstyle has to be created only in summer. You can surely try them in any other season as well. If you are going to use hair extension for tree braid hairstyle then you should prefer Hi-grade synthetic hair brands. In case you want to prefer human hair then you need to opt for Outre or Milky way.

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How to make tree braids at home?

If you want to do tree braid without any expert help then you need to follow 5 easy steps.

how to make tree braids

Step No.1 First important step is to divide hair into 1.2 inch small hair sections along the hairline and then to use clip for putting section into their place.

Step No.2 Pick one hair section and start making tight cornrow braid.

Step No.3 It’s time to add some hair extensions to braid.

Step No.4 begin braiding with your real hair and add extension into the braid, secure braid section close to crown. Normally, major section of your extensions would be un-braid and flow down freely.

Step No.5 You have to repeat the same steps for other sections until you are done with gorgeous tree braided hairstyle.

How to clean Tree braids?

If you have added human hair then cleaning is quite simple. You only have to use shampoo and conditioner as you normally do with your own real hair. In case you use hair extensions then you have to wash hair twice a week for preventing any kind of build up.

natural curly hair and tree braids red hair stylish tree braids black women tree braids african american tree braids stylish tree braids

Maintenance of Tree braids

It’s quite easy to maintain tree braid hairstyles when you use human hair. Difficulty begins when you add some hair extensions. In case, some of your hair braids start losing or falling then you need to do re-braiding just to keep your tree braiding hairstyle as it is.

tree braided hairstyles how to style tree braids best tree braids styles easy tree braids hairstyles

Black women look simply fantastic with tree braid hairstyle. They love to make a combo of tree braids with ponytail or wavy hairstyle. You can do your own kind of styling with these braids.

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