Black Hairstyles for Black Women! Wear your natural hair with comfort

Since the 1400s, many slaves were brought to the new world; the majority was of black and Jamaican people who would be hired for little incentives to work in castles, homes and personal properties. Those slaves responsible for farming errands, agricultural production, house cleaning, baby sitting and home care. Having been belonged with Asian culture, not only their skin tone was black but also hair color was of the same color. The texture of the hair was very coarse and rough- it might have taken them several years to devise something that could be helpful in straightening the hair. Today, black women aren’t slave anymore, they are trendsetters, singers and good successors, and they have been mixed with the western society very well. However, there has been an urge to be found in the heart of every black woman and that’s straightening the coiled and curled hair. Go and explore wonderful black hairstyles for black women.

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Today ,there are no slaves to be found in the modern society. However, reviewing the history it is evident that slaves used herbs and botanical ingredients to relax their rough hair texture- the constant use of herbs results in the appearance of fine hair. People of old time had few options when it came to hair bounding or treatment, there were not many products designed for coiled hair, so black women would usually make the most of western counterparts such as hair straightness, hair gels, and other products in order to transform their hair into an acceptable form and texture. Doing extensive effort was necessary for everyone in order to conform themselves according to the western culture and modern societies.

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Throughout the decades, the social significance of black women has remained a much discussable subject- people are inspired by the way they changed their appearance, hair textures and clothing to get modern. In fact, now they are more modern than western women- whenever there is a new fashion to come, black would be the first one to follow it. Seeing how worthwhile hair color is, western women have also started to dye their hair in black; the shade has become a relevant part of an active history besides being glamorous. The shade is making black women to feel pride and superiority on their culture.

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Black women are no more being ridiculed for the choice of their hairstyle as they are permitted to wear whatever looks good on their face frame. If someone is wearing heavy curly bouffant, you can’t point your finger on them for picking on them, especially when wearing such a style makes very much sense in black community. Check some trendy black hairstyles for black women below.

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We appreciate black women for their efforts they are putting into bringing up with new hairstyles- not to mention the cornrows are a kind of style they have devised for their hair type, to keep it secured for days because it is difficult to work with afro-hair especially if it is spiraled, curled or coiled. You cannot keep using products on it to keep it straight, in fact you can do something better.There are tens and thousands of beautiful black hairstyles for black women; I am going to share pictures of some styles that are awesome.

black womem short curly hairstylesmicrobraided haistyles african americancornrows for blackwomen microbraided ponytail for blackwomenAfter browsing these ideas, it won’t be hard for you to choose one for yourself.


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