Bird of Fire Phoenix Tattoo Designs , History and Meanings

If you check popularity rank of tattoos then you can check that phoenix tattoo designs come behind eagle body ink. Phoenix or bird of fire is quite attractive design for almost everyone. This bird has vibrant colors that allow an artist to enhance beauty of design to a great extent. Before you try any design it is right time to  meanings, history and ideas of bird of fire tattoos.

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Symbolic Meanings of Phoenix

If you want to dig down into meanings related to bird of fire then you need to check them below:

  • Life
  • Time
  • Magic
  • Purity
  • Clarity
  • Rebirth
  • Renewal
  • Longevity
  • Creativity
  • Protection
  • Immortality
  • Resurrection
  • Reemergence
  • Transformation

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History Insight

According to Greek, the phoenix was a mystical bird from Ethiopia. It was a large, beautiful bird adored with amazing plumage. Legend reported that the bird made a nest cypress braches. The bird didn’t lay egg instead it prepared to die. When sit in the nest, the bird produced a great deal of heal and set itself on fire from its own head while cypress serving as kindling. After three days, the bird emerged from its own ashes. This mystical bird had a power to reborn after releasing itself from sentence of death. So, it was able to live forever.

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According to Egyptian, Bird of fire meanings are associated closely to sun and Nile. Their version of Phoenix was a Bennu that was part heron and part flacon. The Bennu controlled sun cycle each day. It flew with sun in its beak from sunrise to sun set.  So, Bennu was symbolic for sun life and death each day. In such manner, Bennu affected life and death of Egyptian as there would be no food crops without sun, which ultimately be controlled by Bennu. They also felt that Bennu was responsible for annual flooding of Nile. In short, this tattoo designs symbolize life and death in Egypt.

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Meanings of Phoenix tattoos

Here are some meanings that you must know.

  • This bird has an ability to die and then come back to life, so it means “Rebirth and Renewal”.
  • The bird did not die,so it also symbolizes immortality.
  • Another meaning is beginning of a new life. It means that a person passes through difficult times and survived. He burns himself and then arises from flames as a winner.
  • Other meanings of this special bird body ink  tattoos are kindness, prosperity, duty, goodness, and reliability.
  • Each part of Phoenix  designed ink represents something different: the body shows kindness, the wings means prosperity while the head symbolizes reliability.


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Finally, you know completely about meanings and history of Phoenix tattoo designs. Now your task is to choose the best design that shows your favorite meanings in a clear way.In case you need a bit soft touch to your design then you should opt for Hummingbird tattoo designs.

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