Best Stacked Hairstyles 2014 for Women

Stacking hair in an intricate order is a challenging job though but it is worth it, especially when people stop by to get a glimpse you. The combination of retro or vintage style with the stacking makes a big difference in a sense that the final hair gets more bouncy feel to it, besides getting some good plaits. A good benefit of stacking is that it actually works on every type of hair or about any hair texture, if you check out images of old female celebrities you would find that they all used to wear stacked hair and sometimes they would show up in rolled up retro stacking to surprise the audience.

Brown Stacked Hairstyles Sideview

Stacked Hairstyles brown hair

How did old celebrities manage to wear stack hairstyles while they could go for rolled braids instead? The answer is finishing; rolled stacked hairstyles 2014 usually have more style and finish to it as compared to casual braiding that women from the 1950s used to sport. Everybody has got a particular taste when it comes to picking the hairstyle for a party and surprisingly ladies from the 19th century seemed to favored stack hairstyles more than anything. To keep the trend alive, now modern updos are being combined with the hair stacking, just for a more finished look.


Stacked Hairstyle Grey hair

Stacked Hairstyle black hair backview

Stacked Hairstyle sideview

What is stacking in general and how it is done? The technique involves piling up the hair in certain orders or pre-defined designs using the bob pins, in the end the finished design comes out to be sleeker when treated more with the gel or hair spray. Once done, the hair can further be decorated with flowers or hair jewelry or anything that fits better.

Stacked Hairstyle blonde model

Stacked Hairstyle golden hair sideview

Stacked Hairstyle backview

Stacked Hairstyles reddish brown hair backview

Stacked Hairstyles brown backview

In a recent growing trend in 2014, celebrities and models have already started getting stacked hair style and hence making stacked haircut even popular.

Stacked Hairstyle Actress

Stacked Hairstyle actress brown hair

Stacked Hairstyle blonde actress

Stacked Hairstyles golden hair

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