The Best Prom Makeup Ideas 2015

Do you want to get attractive look at prom night? Well, you first need to choose best outfit, then to think about your party hairstyle and last thing that is very important is to do your prom makeup in an elegant manner. I’m here to give you a chance to explore some best ideas of makeup to try.

prom girl makeup

Go Naturally Beautiful on Party

You need to try to draw out your natural beauty with natural eye and lip makeup . For this purpose, you have to choose natural eye shadow such as pink, peach, light brown, skin, nude, etc. It is good to choose an eyeshades color that matches with your skin tone. When it comes to prom makeup, you need to apply light eye shadow colors. Blend them in a way that it becomes hard for others to tell what your actual eye shadow color is. As far as lip color is concerned, you have to go with lip gloss of light and natural shades again. Blusher color must be baby or bright pink for your healthy cheeks glow.

natural prom makeup for girls pink eye makeup brown eyes peach lipstick and eye makeup for prom nude lipstick natural eye makeup prom makeup for blue eyes

prom makeup for blue grey eyes

Get Dramatic Impact with Smoky or Cat Eye makeup

Some girls like to do something special and extra in their special party makeup. So, it is suggested to them to go for smoky or cat eye makeup. Use light color eyeshadows first and then you need to do real magic with black eyeliner. You can make feline eyes by applying black liner in a right way. On the other hand, you first need to apply heavy coat of eyeliner and then to blend it with dark black eyeshadow. Fill the corner of eyes with black shade just to get perfect smokey eye makeup look. Nude or peach lipstick usually complements this kind of  makeup.

smokey prom makeup for brown eyes smokey eye makeup for girls prom makeup for brown eyes prom eye makeup for brown eyes bronze eye makeyup

No matter you opt for smokey or natural prom makeup, you need to make sure that you do this makeup in a right way.

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