Best Lower Back Tattoo Design for Women

Lower back tattoo Design otherwise called ‘tramp stamp’ is an attractive feature for a woman. In these modern times the lower back tattoo is one of many attributes to look at, as some men would watch a woman pass them by just to see if she has on a lower back tattoo, especially if she has on belly skin shirt and hipster jeans. I believe some men like any particular women just because they have on tattoos, and to him it’s a pleasurable site because he may look at the lower back tattoo without her noticing him. It’s different because usually people are facing you when looking at your tattoo, and they must fell weird or surprise when they see at the lower back of a woman with a two eye tattoo staring back at them. I don’t have any tattoo, but I don’t think getting it in the lower back of your body would increase the pain, because it’s still the skin.

11 Best Lower Back Tattoo Design for Women

Butterfly tattoo design is trendy with women for their certain attributes of grace, beauty, and delicateness.

Lower Back butterfly tattoo

butterfly tattoo design lower back

lower back butterfly tattoo

Lower back tribal tattoo are commonly worn by women for different reason.

lower back tribal

lower back tribal tattoo

lower back tribal tattoo

Double eye tattoo is a beautiful design that reminds me of the saying having eyes at the back of your head.

lower back eyes

lower back eyes tattoo

lower back eyes tattoo

Lower back Sun tattoo which has a symbolic and religious meaning.

lower back sun tattoo

lower back sun tattoo design

lower back sun tattoo

Romantic rose tattoo design which I believe is great for a woman because it a beautiful rose is added to her beauty making her more attractive.

lower back rose tattoo

lower back red rose tattoo

lower back rose tattoo design

Small Chinese Kanji tattoo even though there are lot of things you could write the writing is so mystical and neat.

chinese kanji lower back

Chinese kanji lower back

Lower back small chinese kanji

Heart with wings design is a good combination and looks great.

heart with wings lower back

lower back heart with wings

 heart with wings lower back tattoos design

Bow tie tattoo design is cute for girls because bow tie can be found in a ladies hair style or arrangement. So to have it on the head and have the tattoo design in the lower back is awesome.

Lower back bow tie tattoo

lower back bow tie tattoo

lower back bow tie tattoo design

Colorful Koi fish tattoo displays a wonderful animal as if was actually there on your lower back.

lower back koi fish

 lower back koi fish tattoo design

koi fish lower back tattoo

Name tattoo on the lower part of your back, is definitely a I don’t care what you might think mind set, because the name you put there may cause onlookers to wonder whose name is that on her back?

lower back name tattoo

lower back name tattoo design

name tattoo lower back design

Star with added/ abstract design basically a star with and addition images which could be a scarf, tree limb, cloud, etc

start tattoo lower back

lower back start tattoo design

lower back star tattoo designs

In short I strongly believe that lower back tattoo that is right at the buttocks area, where there is some times dimples is more likely for women because it compliments her beautiful curves and fluffy backsides. Some women have the full package; face, breast curves, and buttocks and the lower back tattoos are just a bonus.

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