Best Ambigram Tattoo designs 2014

There are many people who don’t know what Ambigram tattoos are and how they are different from other tattoo designs? There are so many ways to explain the Ambigram tattoos but to keep it simple here is one definition for you ‘ The tattoo designs which can be read from different angles, directions and dimensions are called Ambigram tattoo designs. These designs are created for presenting two or more than two meanings; the best part is the word in tattoo is readable either from both up and down times or from both left and right sides. Sometimes, you can read the tattoo from left to right besides reading it from right to left, in either way it would be meaningful and understandable.

An Ambigram is not just a graphic image that can be rotated, flipped and inverted it is can also be mirrored if the artist is adept in creating it more like a magical phrase, word or quote. The tattoo is becoming increasingly popular with those who have faith in three dimensional designs or those who don’t like simple Aztec or tribal designs for their being to common these days.

Ambigram tattoo design

The script of Ambigram must be having an inversion, regardless of the description- this is why it is special and this is what creates illusion to the eyes. The tattoo design is appreciated for duel meanings besides being readable from different dimensions. Some negative or positive shifting in the Ambigram tattoos can play tricks with the eyes; we know that our mind makes images of the things after getting signals from visual perception, so when we look at an Ambigram tattoo design, our signals try to identify the words. Perhaps this is the reason what makes many to don ambigrams.

There is a big dictionary of Ambigram tattoo designs 2014 for you and other tattoo lovers to choose from- keep in mind that the best one would have some meanings besides from graphical element and Gothic appearance. The big text would either consist of a single word or an entire phrase in English, Latin or other foreign language, depending on your choice. The meanings, however, may remain the same or be different depending on the design. For instance, when looked at one way, the Ambigram design might see a devil and the other way round it would be an angel.

It is said that Ambigram were invented by John Langdon and Scott Kim in the 1970s. Kim was working on the name iversions long time ago in 1981 and the very first word ever published was HOFSTADTER, which was later featured as 3D Ambigram on the cover.

There are new Ambigram tattoo designs 2014 for men and women- mostly being crafted according to the personal choice of the person.  Check out some qualities of the designs below;

Rotational Ambigram Tattoo designs 2014

These designs present several instances of words that can be rotated through different angles from 190 to 90 to 45 degrees. The word spell out from different angles is the same but may have different word in order.

Rotational Ambigram Tattoos

Rotational Ambigram Tattoo

Rotational Ambigram Tattoos

Mirror Ambigram tattoo designs

These designs can be read when they are reflected in a mirror, they can be read the same as they are written or both ways. They are also known as glass door Ambigram designs .

Mirror Ambigram Tattoos

mirror ambigram tattoos

mirror ambigram tattoos design

Figure-ground Ambigram tattoos 2014

These are designs in which spaces between the letters of one word form another word and so on.

Figure ground Ambigram tattoo

Figure ground Ambigram tattoo design 2014

Figure ground tattoo Ambigram

Chain Ambigram tattoo designs 2014

These designs have interlinked or connected words, forming a repeating series of chain, causing the letters to overlap over each other.

Chain Ambigram tattoo

Chain Ambigram tattoo

Chain Ambigram tattoo design

Space-filling Ambigram tattoos 2014

These are similar to repeated chain ambigrams but have tiles to fill the two dimensional plane.

filling space tattoo

negative space filling tattoo

space filling ambigram tattoo

Fractal Ambigram tattoo designs

In these designs the tiles of word branches forms and shrinks in order to form a fractal tattoo.

fractal ambigram tattoos designs

fractal ambigram tattoos design

fractal ambigram design tattoos

3-dimensional Ambigram tattoo designs 2014

The designs where object with words can be read from different angles, they are generated from solid geometry formula.

3D ambigram tattoo

3D ambigram tattoo design

3D ambigram tattoo

Perceptual shift Ambigram tattoos 2014

In these designs, you can’t find any symmetry as two different words in the curves will determine how letters are deciphered.

Perpetual Shift Ambigram tattoo

Perpetual Shift tattoo Ambigram

Perpetual Shift tattoo Ambigram

Symbiotogram tattoos design 2014

They can be read as a different word when are rotated to complete 180 degrees.

Symbiotogram tattoos

Symbiotogram tattoos

Symbiotogram tattoos design

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