Bat Tattoo Designs 2014 with Symbols and Meanings

Bat is considered as a clever animal and is less popular when it comes to charms but it is popular with those who wish to cleanse their spirit by letting all the old parts (nasty and painful ones) go away. The meanings of the bats are largely misunderstood, therefore there is an extreme requirement to clear the symbolic values before one could ever avoid to get a good bat tattoo design just believing that the creature is more scary rather than being meaningful.

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Bat Tattoo

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Bat Tat ideas

Confronting the Fear

The first symbol of bat is confronting the fear, troubles and hassles. The life has much to give and offer, the best of you would be to be adaptive and regenerate good of yourself by not transforming negatively. This is what most bats do- there was an experiment done by people, they put a bat in the fridge and kept it there for a while to see how it reacts. Unexpectedly, the creature went to a hibernate mood and when it was taken out, it starts its life again without attacking those who kept it inside the fridge. The lesson is ‘you have to be bit flexible towards your enemies even if they are trying to hurt you’. The creature beckons us that it is best to confront fear in order to be strong. However, this doesn’t prove that bat is friendly but it tells that sometimes you have to discern the messages correctly to take right decisions.

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Symbols from the past

American Shamans would call on bats whenever they needed a special energy in order to release their spirit or inner-self from the negative factors. New identities were then being formed once the spirit is cleansed and reborn. They would do it with the guide of teachers or by fasting. The magnificent animal is considered to be symbols of rebirth, communication, vision and dreaming. Shamans required energy which was more like night sight in order to see through the illusions to get to the truth.

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Communicative with family

If you are kind of friendly with your family and give good amount of value to relations and family ties, trust me bat tattoo design 2014 would be good for you because the animal is very dedicated to its family. It is concerned about its family members and groups, it loves nurturing them and making them feel good by touching and loving. The creature exhibits verbal communication to be friendly with its group.

The bats live in the wombs of earth called caves where they hide during the day time and emerge again at dusk, re-birthing themselves. So if you want to discover a new of yourself it is only possible by re birthing yourself by getting one of the sleekest bat tattoo designs 2014 done on your body. Keep in mind that bats don’t accept half-hearted or Luke warm attempts of spirit cleansing- you have to let old of you to go away or float to get the hold of new one.

Bat Tattoo back

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Possible symbols of bat tats designs 2014

  • Illusion
  • Rebirth
  • Power
  • Communication/socialism
  • Journeying/travelling
  • Dreams/hopes

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Bat Tattoo

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