Awesome Aztec Tattoo designs 2014

Body markings or tattoos are a form of body modification by inserting indelible ink into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment. Aztec tattoos are not simple for show, for they have a profound meaning to their wonderful design. Since we are examining awesome Aztec tattoos designs, let us find out what Aztec tattoos are. The origin of Aztec tattoo comes from the beautiful city called Mexico, and the Aztec civilization was dominant in central Mexico form the fourth to sixteenth century. Aztec has great mythology, which is where Aztecs tattoos and their meaning come from.

20 best Aztec tattoo designs 2014

To tell the best 20 Aztec tattoo designs is a challenging task because just by looking at the vast amount of them it’s hard to choose; however we can use a set of guidelines like the symbol, design, and style to decide. Or just by its popularity.

The Feather/Bird tattoo design is a favorite on a social site called Pininterest as it has 748 pins and 288likes.
Feather Tattoo Design

The sleeve Aztec tattoo, has a lot of variation, and is a popular choice as even a famous wrestler name Dwayne Johnson has on one.
sleeve aztec tattoo

sleeve aztec tattoo design

The Aztec Sun tattoo is a sacred symbol that the ancient Aztec people sacrificed to, and worshiped as it was symbolized as a powerful god.
aztec sun tattoo design

Another is the Aztec Eagle tattoo as it was given to the warriors when they were rewarded for their bravery, or when they finished their training.
aztec eagle tattoo

Tezcatlipoca tattoo represents a god who is a serpent associated with creativity, weather, and fertility.
Tezcatlipoca tattoo design

Aztec chief with unconscious woman design is a sexy and beautiful, as it symbolize leadership, strength, and protection.
Aztec Chief Unconscious Woman Tattoo

Aztec Wing design is normal in bold ink and represents nature itself. It is for the importance of flight in the Aztec culture.
aztec wings tattoo

The Jaguar Aztec tattoo represents power and majesty, the strength of the Jaguar is unmatched and that symbolizes might to the Aztec people.
aztec jaguar tattoo

The Aztec Necklace design tattoo is one that I personally like. The Aztec people loved jewelry.
aztec necklace tattoo

The tattoo is in black and white pale beige shading.
Aztec arrow is a simple design, but basically it has to do with hunting, and hunting was a major activity that the Aztecs engaged in.
Aztec arrow tattoo

Humming Bird design tattoo is a likeable one because Humming bird was one of the Aztec’s favorite birds.
Humming bird tattoo aztec

Day of the Dead design stands for the day of the dead, as the Aztec believed in death and the after life.
Day of the dead aztec tattoo

Armband design is known for their bold outlines, and is placed at the Arm.
armband aztec tattoo

Minimalist Aztec Chief tattoo design is normally worn at the back near the neck area, and it shows the Chief wearing a headdress.
Aztec Chief tattoo design

Crocodile Aztec tattoo is basically stands for protection and dominance.
Crocodile Aztec tattoo

Medallion tattoos creation, vitality, and life. These spiraling seeds of life are all moving together in perfect harmony.
Medallion tattoos

Xipe Totec tattoo represents the go\d of agriculture, spring, and renewal that rules the north.
Xipe Totec tattoo

Quetzalcoalt design is god of light. Wind, mercy and rules the southern direction.

Hutizilopochtli design is a god of energy, war, vitality, strategy and rules the west direction.
Hutizilopochtli Tattoo

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