How to apply false eyelashes like a professional makeup Artist?

If you don’t have thick eyelashes then you surely need to rely heavily on false eyelashes whenever you need to attend a special party. It is indeed a daunting task for many girls but now this task is going to become very simple for you. Because I’m here with a guide: how to apply false eyelashes like an expert makeup artist. This guide is very simple and easy and you don’t need to a makeup artist for following it. Anyone who wants to make her false eyelashes very perfect can check this tutorial.

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How to apply false eyelashes?

You have to follow 8 easy steps for applying false eyelashes in a right way.

Step No.1 Measurement

You first need to measure the false eye lashes to your eye. You need to fix lashes when you have done with your eye makeup but you still need to put on your eyeliner. For measurement, you need to align false eye lashes against your lash line just to make it sure that their size is exactly matched with your natural eyelashes.

Step No.2 Trim Extra lashes

In case length of false eyelashes is longer than your actual eyelashes then you need to cut the extra lash. However, this cutting has to be done in a right way. Keep in mind that trimming has to be done from the outer corner of eyelashes instead of inner.

Step No. 3 Apply Glue

Normally, every false eyelashes pack come along with an adhesive lashes glue but sometime you have to get it separately. It is better to get black adhesive glue because when it dries then it leaves black color behind. This color easily smudges with your black eyeliner. Now pick the glue and line the lash band with it.

Step No.4 Dry the lash

Once you have applied glue on your lashes then next step it to let it dry. There is no need to fix it quickly because it slides around on your lash line. The best way is to hold it with tweezers and then let it dry under a fan for a few seconds.

Step No.5 Apply False Eyelashes

Pick lashes from the center point with tweezers and now lay the strip onto lash line gently. You need to put it on your lash line and then apply pressure against the band with the mean of your finger. Your task is to tight the band against your lash line.

Step No.6 Time for Natural Touch

Once you have applied false eyelashes then next step is to make them look natural. For this purpose, you need to fuse them with the natural eyelashes, so they look real. It is advisable to gently pinch your false and natural eyelashes together with the mean of pointer finger and thumb. You have to blend both lashes together.


Step No.7 Apply Mascara

You need to lock your natural look by applying the mascara on both false and real lashes. Addition of mascara will give real look to your eyelashes.

Step No.8 Eyeliner Application

You need to apply eyeliner for hiding the black glue of false lashes and also for getting a really fantastic finish.


Hurrah! You have finally got an idea how to apply false eyelashes like a pro. Now you are free to get perfect eye makeup whenever you like.

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