African American Nappy hair Maintenance, Styling and Care

Black women are blessed with nappy, kinky and hard hair. They often feel it hard to style their hair. There are many women who abuse their hair. They usually opt many relaxing hair treatment that prove good only for a short time. There is no need to show such kind of attitude toward your hair. You are blessed with hair though these are hard but most part of these hair strands are manageable. You need to learn how to style your hair in a presentable way. You need to keep in mind that there are many hairstyles that can be created only with nappy hair and no other hair texture can bring a fantastic and amazing hairstyle. it’s quite challenging to style your nappy hair but every woman must proud of her natural hair and must accept this challenge of hairstyling with open-heart.

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Don’t Abuse your kinky natural  hair

Black women think a lot about their hair. They remain busy in finding the best products with which they can groom their nappy hair. It’s good to pay attention to hair but don’t get extra conscious. In addition, you have to stop abusing your hair. There is no need to go for use hair iron a lot, put your hair under a harsh chemical treatment or to pull out your hair strands with brush or combs. Many girls think their hard and rough hair do not grow a lot while this is not a reality. Your hair grows one and half inch every month but you don’t notice it because you are busy in breaking off your hair strands. You don’t need to use a coarse brush or a fine tooth comb when it comes to grooming your nappy hair. It’s good to be nice and gentle with your hair. Whenever you are going to braid your hair, you shouldn’t make it too much tight otherwise its after effects will be hair thinking and baldness with alopecia.

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How to remove Relaxer from hair?

If you have undergone a relaxing nappy hair treatment and want to remove relaxer then you need to keep in mind that it is not really easy to do this. Your hair has chemically processed and hair bonds have been destroyed. The best way to renew your hair is to cut relaxed hair section. Cutting is the only option. You don’t need to cut complete section. You can cut a little bit every time until you get rid of complete hair portion. The removal of relaxer will help you avoid scalp burns, balding and double textured hair.

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Nappy hair care tips

Here are some tips that make your natural hair simply great.

  • Give your hair a nice and moisturizing massage regularly
  • Eat healthy food and do some good exercise.
  • Always use a hydrating shampoo and good conditioner. You need to avoid a shampoo features with harsh ingredients such as alcohol.
  • You can opt for deep conditioning hair treatment once in a month.
  • You should wash your hair after 10 days. If you wash hair regularly then you hair will get dry and brittle and this is what you don’t like.
  • You can use an Afro pick or large plastic comb for combing your hair while it is still moist.
  • Cover your hair with a silk scarp at night
  • Don’t use grease any more. Grease will simply clog your pores and retards hair growth.
  • Don’t use hair product contains mineral oil or petroleum
  • You can use coconut oil or Shea butter for effective moisturizing of your nappy hair.
  • Steam is effective with a good conditioning cap. You can use a heat cap for deep conditioning and nourishing of your kinky, nappy hair.

5 best ways to style your nappy hair

When it comes to stylish hair of black women, you have five great options to choose from such as braids, Afro, Twists, wigs, and deadlocks. every style is good for your natural hair and doesn’t want you to undergo a relaxing treatment.

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I’m sure black women would love to follow nappy hair care tips and styling ideas.

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