Add some Glam into your Personality with Quiff hairstyle

The girls who are passionate about music industry usually follow the hairstyles of top singer such as Rihanna,Beyonce, Pink ,etc. It is a fact that hairstyles of pop singers are always different and somehow very bold to wear. However, girls who have courage don’t mind following their favorite singer’s hairstyle. Quiff is a hairstyle that is also worn by many celebs of Hollywood, especially those who belong to music world.

high quiff hair for girls

History of Quiff hairstyle

Sometimes, people like to know the word “quiff” etymology that is quite uncertain. It may derive from the “Coiffe” a French word, that means either a hairstyle or going further back. Another root of this word is Dutch word “Kuif” that means “crest”. People normally wear make a combo of Quiff hairstyle with the 1950s Pompdour, the 50s flattop or a mohawk. This hairstyle was a staple in the British “Teddy Boy movement”. It was very famous in early 1980s. Quiff hairstyle was revives again in mid-early 2000s.

mohawk and quiff hairstyle

Modern Quiff hairstyle for Women

Quiff hairstyle though has its root in 1980s but it has got very modern touch in 21st century. Modern quiff hairstyle features thick volume long hair at the front and top of head while hair or back and sides are trimmed. The size of hair gradually decreases from top to back of head.

glamorous quiff hairstyle

modern quiff hairstyle

braided quiff hairstyle


Quiff hairstyle variation

Interestingly, you can find many different varieties of quiff hairstyles. Let’s unlock them below.

Windswept quiff

As the name shows, your hair lock would be free to fly in the hair. It is indeed a cool idea to try.

windswept quiff hairstyle girls

top quiff hair


Retro Quiff

If you want to wear quiff hairstyle in a classic way then you would like to wear retro short quiff hairstyle. Roll your front hair and then make the perfect quiff.

women quiff hairstyle

trendy retro quiff hairstyle

retro quiff with updo

Quiff flame hair

When your front hair is set like a fire flame way then you can name this style as Quiff flame hairstyle. The height of front hair is usually 4-5 inches long and it is another classic variation of quiff hair.

high and long quiff hair

top quiff hairstyle

Slicked back

It is the common and modern way to style your quiff hair. You need to set your front hair at a height and toward the back, use your hair comb and styling products to get the desirable look.

very short quiff hairstyle

best quiff hairstyle for girls

trendy quiff hair

Quiff for Long hair

Generally girls with short hair wear quiff hairstyle but it doesn’t mean girl with long hair can’t get it. They can surely give it their good try. They only need to combine quiff hair with either an updo or sleek ponytail.

updo and quiff hairstyle

neat quiff style for girlsbun and quiff hairstylequiff hairstyle with long hair

Quiff hairstyle is good for girls with both short or long hair. Even girls who have very short hair can make a small quiff on the front for getting an eye-catching appearance.




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