9 Best Lipstick Tips Directly from Popular Makeup Experts

Are you going to apply a lipstick? I think it’s time to wait for awhile and peep into the best lipstick tips that comes straight from the professional of makeup field. It is a fact that applying the lipstick isn’t as easy as we consider. We have to follow a lot of tips and tricks just to get a perfect and eye-catching lip. You have read a lot of lipstick tips and tricks but I’m here with a fine collection of 9 tips that are given by 9 makeup expert. So, let’s explore these tips without any further delay.

Tip No.1 Focus on Cupid Bow

According to Dior UK makeup ambassador Andrew Gallimore “Subtle-y highlighting the ‘v’ of your Cupid’s bow will add definition to your lips without creating any hard line. Use a nude shimmer powder or a golden creamy highlighting pen.”

how to apply lipstick perfectly

That’s mean you have to focus more on your v-shape cupid bow if you want to get catchy lips look.

Tip No.2 Best Way to Apply Strong and Dark Lipstick

“Always make sure your lipstick takes in the inner edges of your mouth, especially when it’s a strong colour. When your mouth is open, you should see one continuous oval shape.” MAC senior artist Lesley Keane

deal with dark lipstick

Tip No.3 How to Create Fuller Lips?

Many girls want to get fuller lips since they enhance overall appearance and look. So, it’s time to check how makeup artist Kenneth Soh guide you in this regard.

make fuller lips

“To create a fuller lip, I use my fingers to pat on a colour, or a cotton bud to diffuse the edge of already-applied lipstick. This ensures a blurred, undefined lip line that gives an illusion of fullness. You will also get a sense of a ‘blooming’ lip that mimics the natural reddening and swelling of lips during arousal!”

Tip No.4 What Must do for Long-lasting Lipstick?

Sometimes we have to stay in a party for long time, so we are searching for a way with which our lipstick last longer. I think you should stop search now because Max Factor Makeup artist Caroline Barner shared one of the best lipstick tips with you below.

how to get long lasting lipstick

“My tip for a truly long-lasting, matte lip is to use just a lip liner to line and fill the lips with colour. Their secret is the waxy texture – anything else will eventually fade until you only have an unattractive lip line left, but wax-based products really go the distance.”

Tip No.5 Perfect Way to Use Lip Liner

It seems very easy to line your lips but when you pick lip liner and start lining your lips then you get confused where to start and end. I suggest you to follow a tip given by Rebbecca Restrepo, Elizabeth Arden Global makeup artist.

lip liner apply

“When lining the lips, begin with the Cupid’s bow, then go from the corners of the mouth upwards and inwards. This gives the mouth-shape a more rounded, plumper effect and also ensure a perfectly symmetrical lip line.”

Tip No.6 Blend Intense Lipstick with Beige

Sometimes, we have to deal with dark and intense lipstick colors.Some girls often make a mistake, they try to get a light look of their lipstick by adding white into it. If you are goig to blend your lipstick then you should follow a tip given by an expert makeup artist amed Bobbi Brown.

blend dark lipstick with beige

“Make like the pros and blend your own lip colour from different products on the back of your hand, using a lip brush. If it comes out too intense, mute it with a little beige (but not white).”

Tip No. 7 Easy Way to Create Glossy Lips

Are you going to use pale shade of lipstick? It is right time to know what makeup expert Kenneth Soh asked you to do.“For gloss in a pale shade, I love applying it so it goes very slightly out of the top lip line as this will catch light and create the illusion of fuller lips.”

create glossy lips

Tip No.8 Best Trick for Applying Pigmented Gloss

Many times gloss flow out of the lip’s edges and offer you an unattractive appearance and look. If you don’t want such look then it is recommended to follow one of the easiest lipstick tips comes straight from Pat McGrath, P&G creative design director.

pigmented glossy lips

“If you’re working with a highly pigmented gloss, or are topping a loud lipstick with clear gloss, don’t put it near the lips’ edges as it will bleed.”

Tip No.9 Choose Lipstick color rationally

Normally, it has been observed that girls choose a lip color by testing it on their arm while it is the wrong way of choosing a lipstick. It’s time to change this habit and explore the best tip given by makeup artist Peter Philips.

don't test lipstick color on arm

“Trying a shade on your mouth –not your inner arm- is the only way to judge how it will look on you.”

Go and follow these 9 lipstick tips given by makeup experts whenever you have to apply a lipstick like a professional makeup artist. You can make a big difference in your appearance by following these easy tips.

Source: Cosmopolitan.co.uk

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