80s Makeup was all About Bold Eyes and Cheeks

Women who love to play with bold colors can take inspiration from 80s makeup. During 1980s, women usually painted their face with bold eyes and cheeks. They  used vibrant colors to make their eyes pop. Dark eye shadow with matching mascara and eyeliner were used at that time. Let’s check some pictures of that era beauty girl pictures.

Bold Eye Makeup

No matter you check makeup of 80s model or actress, you notice vibrant eyes with dramatic cheeks and soft lippy. Sometimes, girls have to plan 80s theme party. They want to look exactly alike to women of that time. It is suggested to them to use dark eyeshadow colors and then apply it on eyes beyond crease. You can easily see that there is no define crease in that era makeup. Women don’t mind painting their full eyes with dark eye shadows such as purple, plum , maroon, etc. Even they used more than one eye shadow for drawing out beauty of their eyes.

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Give attention to Eyebrows

Another thing that you need to keep in mind while following this kind of makeup is thick dark eyebrows. If you have sparse brows then you need to use brow pencil to fill any gap. Always use brow highlighter and pencil for well-defined eyebrows. Curve of your brow must be clear and vivid.

bold 80s makeup 80s bold eye makeupmorgan_fairchild-80s-hair-makeup

Bright Cheeks

Bold eyes aren’t only important thing of old era makeup, you also have to put your focus on cheeks. You have to highlight cheeks with dark blusher. Plum and purple are two common colors that can make your cheeks bold and plump. Dark pink is another great option to try.

modern touch 80s makeup bold makeup of 1980s 80s red eye and lip makeup

Dark Lippy

When it comes to lipstick colors then red is not a single option to try. In reality, women did 80s makeup very bright and bold. They didn’t mind matching their lipstick with eyeshadow color. Plum dark eyeshadow with plum lipstick, dark purple lips and eyes and so on. Know about 4 must have shades of lipstick.

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It is not really easy to do 80s makeup, you must need to know how to blend bold eyeshadow just like a professional. Moreover, you have to do some eyebrow grooming.

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