8 Mindblowing and Realistic Man Portrait Tattoos

The people who are thinking of getting a portrait tattoo must have to pick an expert tattooist because this work can’t be done beautifully by a newbie. Making a portrait of a person on arm or other parts of body require extensive skill and knowledge, so an expert can perform this task beautiful and rightfully. Before you pick any artist, ask him to furnish reference or his own work pictures. If you find it hard to probe into tattoo artist detail, then another option is to visit a well-reputed tattoo studio of your area. If you pick the best man for your work, then you will be able to get a mind blowing and realistic tattoo. Today, I’m here to present some ideas of 8 realistic man portrait tattoos for you. Let’s dig down these tats.

1. Realistic Angry Man Portrait Tattoo

When you  look at the picture, the first thing that come into your mind is anger. No doubt, tattoo artist had to do a lot of work while demonstrating the angry expression of the guy. You can see anger not only through his wrinkles,tongue slide and forehead lines but also via his eyes that are starring someone. Another beautiful part of this tattoo is the spiky hairstyle.man realistic tattoo

2.Crying Old man Portrait Tattoo

I think it is one of the wonderful realistic man portrait tattoos. When you first look at the image of tattoo, you think it is a picture not a tattoo while reality is it is a masterpiece from an expert tattooist. Every angle and feature of his face such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, eyes, chin, nose, ear, face-tag, moles, etc have been made really clear. You can see the grey hair close to temple line . The best part of this tattoo is the expression that are quite vivid.

old man realistic tattoo3. Cute Man Portrait Tattoo

I really like this simple but cute portrait tattoo that got by a girl on her back for his boyfriend  ( my guess) standing next to her. This portrait tattoo design exactly resembles with the person standing next to a girl. You can hardly notice a different in facial features, it is indeed a work of expert tattooist. Look at the hairstyle of real man and a man in the tattoo, you would surely admire the artistic skill of tattooist.

man realistic tattoo4. Aggressive Man Portrait Tattoos

When you look at the image, you think that guy in the picture is ready to knock down someone. His aggressiveness and angry expressions are portrayed vi her eyes and open mouth. In order to make the portrait look realistic, tattooist leave some messy hair strands on the forehead.Mustache and beard are created in the most natural way.

man realistic tattoo5. 3D style man portrait Tattoo

If you want to make some different in your portrait tattoo design then you can opt for a 3d man portrait tat. This tattoo will look more realistic than other portrait style tattoos. Again you need an expert of 3d tattoo for getting this special ink. As you can see in the image, a man is directly looking into your eyes. You can see every detail of her face in the clear way. The most interesting part of this portrait is the eyes that seems lively. You can feel the glare and shine in the eyes, even you know that it is just a tattoo not a real person.

realistic man portrait tattoo6. Young Guy Portrait Tattoo design

No doubt, it is among the most clear and realistic man portrait tattoos.  The first clear thing of this tattoo design is the hair, guys have razor-sharped edgy hair cut. Every edgy and sharp hair strand is designed perfectly. Move from hair to face and you can see the beautiful black eyes, long nose and curvy lips. realistic man portrait tattoo designs7. Indiana Jones Style Man Portrait Tattoos

Look at the image and first thing that come into your mind is Indian Jones. Guys like to be as intelligent as Indiana Jones was, they wanted to follow him in every manner. If you also a fan of Jones then you can surely think about this man portrait tattoo design. The most attractive thing of this tattoo is thinking expression. As we all know Indian always like to think and then to act. Next attractive thing is the brown hat. You can also admire how beautifully every facial feature of man is made by the artist.

realistic man portrait tattoos

8. Middle Aged Man Realistic Man portrait Tattoo design

This tattoo seems very real because every facial feature from eyes to lips to nose to crow’s feet to eyebrows has been really vivid. Man has long hair that are falling on his shoulder. Interestingly, you can clearly see the pattern and stitching of his hat. It is indeed a great work from a great tattooist.

realistic man portait tatSo, you have got some amazing realistic man portrait tattoos ideas, you can either try these ideas or continue with your own. You may like to get a portrait tattoo of your beloved family members or friends. Some people get the tattoos in the memory of their loved one who passed away. No matter whose portrait you are going to pick, always select the best tattoo artist for obtaining the realistic and fine result of your tattoo.

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