7 Hairstyling Options for Short Blonde Hair

Do you have short blonde hair? Looking for exclusive hairstyling ways? Indeed, you hit the right site. Here you would be able to explore 7 trendy options of hairstyle your blonde hair. Interestingly, you don’t need to visit a hair salon for trying these hairstyling options, you can make any of these styling at home with great ease and comfort. Let’s start pipping into these hairstyling ideas.

1.Get Cool Spikes on blonde hair

Going to attend a cool buddy party? I think the best way to look different from crown is to opt for spiky hairstyle. Apply a little volume of gel and let your pixie blonde hair strands radiate up. This hairstyle is quite bold. So, if you are a girl who doesn’t mind wearing bold hairstyles then definitely you can give it a try.

spiky pixie blonde hairspikes of pixie short blonde hair

2.Try curly  blonde short hair

In case you need soft and cute hair look then it’s advisable to get some curls. You would be able to turn your straight short hair into soft curls within 15 minutes by using a curly iron. Once you have the curls then you need to mess up all the curls. No need to opt for formal look. Be super casual. You can finger comb your curls just to get sweet messy hair look.

curly pixie short blonde haircurly pixie short blonde hairstyle3.Sleek Side Parted Pixie Short Blonde hair

Don’t want to use hair ironing or hair gel? Need a simple hairstyling option? I think you should consider side parted hairstyles. This hairstyle looks simply elegant and classy. There is no need to apply hair styling gel but you shouldn’t forget to properly shampoo and conditioning your hair. Properly comb your pixie hair and then get this hairstyle.

side parted short blonde hair

side parted blonde short hair

4. Make it Straight

Another chic way to do hairstyling of short blonde hair is to use a straightener. You must apply hairstyling cream or gel before using this machine. Use a little amount of cream but use it because without it you won’t be able to get desirable straight hair look. In addition, this cream works as a shield for your hair strands. It doesn’t let the heat to absorb into your hair and then to affect it badly.

straight pixie blonde hairpixie straight short blonde hair5. Opt for Shaggy Hairstyling

If you need a super trendy hairstyle then you can surely think about shaggy for short blonde hair. This particular hairstyle covers one side of face while leaving another side clean and clear. In order to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle, you can add highlights of light or dark colors. Usually, girls go for red, pink, purple and brown highlights in short blonde hair.

shaggy and pixie hairstyle of blonde hairshaggy pixie hairstyle

 6. Make a Messy Fringe

Fringe adds cuteness factor into one’s personality. You can make a fringe of your blonde short hair, if you want to get a girly look. It is advisable to make a messy fringe since its super casual and enhance one’s beauty to a great extent. You can apply hair shiny serum for adding glam into this particular hairstyle.short blonde razor cut fringe


fringe of pixie blonde hair7. Razor cut Edy Short Blonde hair

This hairstyles offers sharp facial look. A girl who wear it look super trendy. Usually, model hit the ramp with razor cut edgy short blonde hair since this hairstyles indeed make a great fashion statement. Girls apply gel on the tip of their short hair for getting razor cut edgy hair look. There is no need to always get a razor cut haircut before trying this hairstyling option.

pixie blonde fringerazor cut short blonde hairNow what are you waiting for? It’s time to pick one hairstyle option for you and give it your best try at home.

Happy short blonde hair styling!!!

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