6 Stylish Designs of Cara Delevingne Bag Collection 2014

Before you buy a bag for fall/winter 2014-15, you should explore some really cool and trendy bangs from Cara Delevingne x Mulberry collection. This collection has 6 main, cool design.Good thing is that you can get not only standard black bag but also color combo and bright colors in this collection. Go and explore it now.

1.Khaki Camouflage

When you don’t like to opt for a usual black bag then you would love to try Khaki Camouflage Cara Delevingne Bag. This trendy bag will surely compliment your brown jeans, little brown outfit, etc. Bag is available in three different size:Regular, large and mini.

Price of Regular Car a Delevingne Bag: £2,500

khaki camouflage bag by mulberry

Price of Large bag: £2,500

large khaki bag by mulberry

Price of Mini Khaki Camouflage bag: £1,800

mini khaki bag 2014

2.Tuape Classic

Don’t need super modern bag? Then you surely love to grab Cara Delevingne Bag Taupe classic. This bag is not only stylish but also has a simple classic touch in it.Price of Cara Delevingne Taupe Classic regular size is £1,600.

tuape classic bag mulberry 2014

3.Black Quilted

Need a bag with a contemporary design? I think you need to call off your search because Black quilted of Cara Delevingne bag collection is what you really need. Wear this bag and add some style into your personality. Interesting thing is that you can get the same design in two fabulous colors such as green and indigo. There are three different sizes of quilted bag such as regular, large and mini.

Price of regular size of Black Quilted Cara Delevingne bag collection 2014: £1,200 Mulberry

black quilted bag cara

Price of Large size black quilted bag: £1,400

black quilted bag

Price of Green Quilted Cara Delevingne : £1,200

green quilted lamb bag


Price of Mini Green Quilted Bag is £995mini green quilted bag mulberry


Price of Mini Indigo quilted from Cara Delevingne bag collection 2014 is £995

mini indigo quilted bag mulberry

4.Black Natural leather

If you are a girl who doesn’t like to replace black bag with any other colored bag, it is suggested to you to have a look at the chicest black natural leather bag from Cara Delevingne collection 2014

The price of Black natural leather bag regular size: £995

black natural leather mulberry bag 2014

Mini black natural leather bag price : £795

mini black leather bag 2014

5.Black and White Camouflage

One of the amazing bags from Cara Delevingne and Mulberry collection 2014 is black and white camouflage. This design is quite sophisticated but look really trendy. Interestingly, you can wear it with your black, white or grey outfit. This casual style bag looks very appealing. You are free to choose from three different sizes such as regular, mini and large.


Price of regular size £2,200

stylish black white bag 2014

Price of Large size: £2,500

large black white mulberry bag

Price of Mini bag: £1,800

mini black and white camouflage bag6. Cara Delevingne Oxblood Natural Leather Bag

Many girls like to buy leather bags because they look very chic all the time. In addition, they offer more space than other kinds of bags. For such girls, Oxblood natural leather bags seem to be a good choice. The price of this bag is £995.

oxblood bag mulberry 2014


Finally you have explored 6 stunning designs from Cara Delevinge bag collection 2014. Now go and shop these bags.




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