6 Easy Braid hairstyles for Short hair

The girls who have short hair think that they can’t make nice braid while it is not right. You have tons of braid options that you can try on your short haircut. You must have complete knowledge of different braids such as french braid, waterfall, twisted, simple three strand braid, lace, crown etc. Once you know how to make these braids then you can make them for your hair, no matter you have short or long hair. Below you can check ideas of 6 easy braid hairstyles for short hair.

simple braid for short hair

1. French Braid Gives Classic touch

French is among the most common braid that girls love to try. Women have been making this braid for many centuries. Interestingly, you can make this braid in different ways. For example, you can make a side braid in a short wavy or curly hair. Another idea that girls always try to make front double french braid. If your hair length falls on the neck then definitely you can opt for a messy short french braid updo for special occasion.

frech braid for short hair ideafrench braid for short hair

2. Get Modern Touch via Waterfall braid

The girls are able to get a classy look with the mean of waterfall braid. Overall look and appearance of this braid hairstyle is very eye-catching. Since this braid stars near temple point, so a girls doesn’t need long hair length for getting this particular braid. Normally, waterfall braid is made in sleek and straight hair but you can also make curls with rollers just to enhance the complete appearance of your braid hairstyles for short hair.

waterfall braid hairstyles for short hairwaterfall braid for hair short

3. Fishtail braid for Chic Appearance

Many times celebrities appear with the fishtail braid since it is considered as the one of the stylish braid hairstyles. This braid seems very complex but the girls who know to make this braid are able to complete it within just 5-10 minutes. In order to make fishtail braid for short hair, you have to pick the hair strands from the front side of your hair. Some girls also make a small fishtail ponytail, that hairstyle doesn’t suit to all. It’s good to make a fishtail of front hair and set it like a lace.

fishtail braid for short hair

4. Crown braid hairstyles for short hair

Crown or milkmaid braid always look fascinating. In past, this braid was associated with Royal family. However, now it is commonly worn by kids and girls. Even many girls love to make a stylish double or single crown braid on their big day. If you have short hair and you want to style it in the super special way then you can opt for crown braiding. Making a crown braid is very simple, you only need to follow some simple steps. It is suggested to check video tutorial of this braid,just to get complete understanding of its complete process.

crown braid for short haircrown braid hairstyles ideas

5. Simple braid hairstyles for Casual Look

If you need a simple and quick hairstyle for your short hair then it is suggested to opt for triple or four strands simple braid hairstyles. You are able to get casual look and appearance with the mean of this hairstyle. Your task is to make a loose or tight front simple braid and then to set it on your side. In this way, you are able to obtain a promising look.

simple braid for short hair

6. Lace Braids Hairstyle Adds into Beauty

Want to enhance your beauty and facial features? It would be possible via lace braids. These braids require full attention from your side, but once you make it you would be able to grab other people’s attention toward you. This braid is somehow similar with the french braid but it comes with a little more space in hair strands, that you add into a simple braid. The girls love to adore lace braid hairstyles for short hair with the mean of some flower or leaf headband or brooches.

lade braid for short hair

I have given you 6 cool braid hairstyling ideas for short hair. You can easily try these ideas whenever you want to get a new and astonishing look for a special party or event. Don’t forget to give a vote to your favorite braid hairstyle.

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