5 Wonderful and Unique Kids Bedroom Ideas

Do you want to decorate your kid’s room in a stylish and unique way? It’s now possible since there are tons of ideas to try. You are able to change the complete theme of your kids room with the help of an interior designer. However, you must have an idea in mind before you contact any interior designer. It’s always good to start the decoration of your little sweetheart’s room with an idea. No doubt, it’s never difficult to turn a good idea into reality, when you have time and money to spend for. So, let’s start discovery 5 unique kids bedroom ideas below.

1. Get Cart Style Bed for your Little Kid’s Room

I think it is an idea that is very different. You never see a cart bed in any kid room. Good thing is that you are able to find ready-made cart beds in the market. Interestingly, you are also able to purchase cute kids bedding especially designed for cart beds. It is a classic yet wonderful decoration ideas that you can try. Below you can see two examples of cart kids bed room ideas. If you want to pick the first idea then you need to emphasize on wooden furniture and settings. Floors and walls should be wood style though you can get modern style roof for the bedroom. Your main purpose is to give the classic touch to the bedroom. In case you like to opt for second ideas for kids bedroom then you don’t need to contact an interior designer. You would be able to do much work own your own. For example, you need to hang old style curtains after getting cart bed with a horse for the bedroom. Your little girl or boy would like to sleep in this wonderful bed.

cart bed in kids roomkdis cart bedroom theme2.Princess and Queen Castle Theme For Kids Bed Room

This ideas would be the best for little girl’s bedroom decoration. These days, you are able to get ready-made castle beds. There is only a need to explore the web and physical market. Don’t forget to take your sweetheart with you whenever you are going to buy a bed for her room. Give top priority to her choice. Below there are two exclusive castle theme kids bedroom ideas.First idea look fantastic due to mauve wall paint and white doors. There are both classic and modern style castle bed. In first idea, you can see a modern style castle bed that has linked with entertaining swings and slides. Second idea include old style castle bed. Below this bed you can see a small door which take your kids inside his wardrobe. It’s indeed a good idea to have a wardrobe below the kid’s bed.

kids room castle themekids room palace theme king3. Sports Car Theme Kids Bedroom Ideas

If your little boy likes to play with cars then you should give a try to car theme bedroom ideas for your kid. Interestingly, manufacturers give you a chance to buy car bed in different colors, shape and style. You can also buy famous car model beds for your kid’s room. Below you can see red and blue car theme kids bedroom ideas. When you look at the image, it becomes quite clear to you that you first need to select the car and then to buy the furniture and other items, which perfectly matches to car color. For example, if you are going to get red sports car bed then you need to buy red cupboard, workstation stand, cushions, stools and other things.

kids car room themekids car room ideas

4. Lego Kids Bedroom Theme

Lego is the most popular kids game all over the world. If you want to decorate your kid’s room in a very different way then you can try lego theme. Below you can see two ideas for room decor. First idea is to transform whole room into lego theme such as getting the lego cushions,lego bed, lego cupboard,lego wallpaper, lego rug and other things. In second idea, you don’t need to completely  transform the room into lego but you need to buy chair, bed, cushions, stools, lamps with lego theme. Both ideas are great, you can ask your little guy which idea he would like to pick for his own bedroom.

lego theme for kids roomlego theme beds for kids5. Bus Bedroom Ideas for kids

It is the newest yet fantastic kids bedroom ideas that you can try effortlessly. You need to contact a manufacturer who is capable to deliver you school or simple bus style bed for your kid’s room. Below you can get two cool ideas. First idea is of colorful double Decker bus. The bus has a stair that lets the kid to go to top section of bus for some relaxation. He can come down and play with his toys in lower section of bus. Second idea provides you a clear picture of bus theme kids bedroom. You first need to get double Decker bus bed and then to decorate the rest of room things based on the color scheme of the bus. You need to make the room of your kids very colorful with sharp colors desks, stools, rugs, wall hanging, wall painting and other things.

school bus bed for kids roomkids bus bedroom theme ideasNow what you need more? Go and try any of these wonderful kids bedroom ideas and add fun into the life of your little honey.


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