5 tips For Getting Sweat Proof Makeup This Summer

It is indeed hard to do makeup in summer. Girls usually have to think a lot before applying anything on face. Sweat always diminishes the fine look of makeup. Some girls like to go with natural look instead of wearing any kind of makeup. It is not possible all the time, though. Instead of avoiding makeup, girls should know how to deal with sweat in summer. I’m here with 5 tips with which you can get sweat proof makeup.

how to sweat proof makeup

Tip No.1 Let your Powder Go

Normally, women think that they can easily handle sweat with heavy powder while it is not a right way. Heavy powder gives you an unnatural look and it is a futile trick of summer makeup, indeed. Powder will make prominent every single drop of sweat and you will get bad look for sure. It is recommended to let your face powder go until fall.

water proof makeup

Tip No.2 Try Tinted Moisturizer

You need to apply tinted moisturizer or regular foundation for keeping your skin very light and sheer. You can conceal and cover some patches or blemishes of skin via it. If you use light moisturizer then you get long lasting and sweat proof makeup.

water proof foundation

Tip No.3 Pick Cream Blush

Your main task is to keep everything on skin very sheer and natural. So, you have to prefer cream blush over matte one. This kind of blusher look very natural and never look over.

cream blush for makeup

Tip No. 4 Choose Matte Lipstick

When it comes to coloring your lips, you have to pick matte lipstick. This choice will give you sweat-proof makeup. This lipstick will surely compliment a glowing complexion. Matte with sheer skin will look simply chic.

matte lipstick for summer

Tip No.5 Waterproof Eye makeup

When it comes to coloring your lids then you have to rely on waterproof eye shadow and eyeliner. A little application of waterproof shades and liner will bring out the beauty of your eyes. You can simply let go the eye mascara, if you have applied bright eye shadow. In summer, mascara often melt off even it has waterproof formula.

water proof eye shadow

Follow these five tips if you want to get perfect sweat proof makeup this summer.


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