5 Stunning Mobile Charging Wearable Tech That Add Style into Your Life

We all have great idea about wearable tech but it is time to own this latest technological concept. In past, we don’t find anything really interesting that we can take into consideration. But now we have found 5 amazing wearable tech that can take you into new world of technology but also give you a chance to look chicer than before. So, let’s check the details of these wearable tech items.These mobile charging wearable tech makes it easy for you to deal with your battery related emergency.


This bracelet promises to charge your mobile phone on the move. It looks really amazing on the wrist. Girls and guys are free to choose from a wide variety of colors such as black, gold and silver. There is no need to send “my battery is down” message to your friends again. Wear this bracelet and charge your mobile phone.

qcharge bracelet for mobile charging

2.Richard Nicoll x Vodaphone

Girls it’s time to pick a white stylish tote that can charge your phone on the move. This tote is indeed very convenient mobile charging wearable tech for girls of this high-tech era.

white tote wearable tech

3. Adrien Victor Sauvage x Microsoft

Savage launched his new wireless charging pants at men show of SS14 London Collections. These pants will charge your mobile phone while you are walking with it. Currently it is only compatible with Nokia phones and you need to spend £200 for this wearable tech.

wearable tech pants

4. emPOWERED clutch bags

Whenever you have to opt for night out then you should keep this colorful and stylish clutch bag with you. You can find a wide variety of colors in this bag. Refill juice of your mobile phone via this clutch bag.

empowered clutch bags for mobile charging

5. Pauline van Dongen Solar Dress

Yes, now you need to wear a solar-powered dress for providing juice to your mobile phone. You need to add sunlight in your dress. There is only a need to walk around and store energy in the dress. This energy will be enough to charge cells of your cell phone.

wearable solar powered dress wearable tech

I have provided you the details of five best mobile charging tech wear, now it’s up to you to pick one stylish and fashionable tech for yourself. This item will make it easy for you to bring your phone back to life, whenever you are on the move and don’t have easy access to charging.

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