5 Great makeup tips that every girl should know

The girls who know some great makeup tips are in a position to do the perfect makeup. A little tip brings a big difference in your look. Therefore, every girl must know some basic makeup tips, if she really wants to stand out in the crow.

great makeup tips for girls

5 Great makeup Tips

Here are 5 tips that will allow every girl to look different from others.

Makeup Tip 1: Conceal under eye circle in a better way

Generally, when we talk about concealer application then we are familiar with dots application under eyes ( we consider it the best way to apply a concealer under eye). Now it’s time to know about another best way to hide eye under circles and puffy eyes. You need to apply concealer in a triangular form, the base of triangle should be under your eyes while its point needs to be toward the bottom of your cheeks. If you do this then you will get triple benefits. First, your under eye circles and puffiness will be covered. Second, any redness under or sides of eye will be concealed. Third, you will get face lift look because you have highlighted the brightest point of your face.

how to apply concealer

Makeup Tip 2: Create Custom Lip Gloss at home

Do you have a smashed blusher? An instant way to fix it is to make your custom lip gloss at home. Gather loose pigments of blusher in a spoon and blend it with either a petroleum jelly or a transparent balm. You will get a shimmery lip gloss, in this manner. This is one of the great makeup tips for fixing a smashed eyeshadow or blusher.

make lip gloss at home

Makeup Tip 3: How to Get Fuller Eyelashes ?

We all love to defined our eyes during the makeup. We can draw out the beauty of eyes, if we follow a very simple makeup tip for eyelashes. If you want to know how to get fuller lashes with makeup then you just need to do one thing, dust on translucent powder in between coating on mascara . You would be able to enhance your lashes look via this tip. This powder will hold the mascara in between coats and end result comes in the form of fuller lashes.

how to get long lashes

Makeup Tip 4: How to get smokey eye makeup instantly?

Girls are crazy about smokey eyes, they love to get this makeup on special parties. When you are in hurry but still needs a smokey eye look then you have to follow this one of the great makeup tips. Pick a dark bronze eye pencil and then draw a slanted hashtag at the outer corner of your eyes. Now blend this tag with your brown eyeshadow. You need to use a smudger for blending this tag to the inner corner of your eyes.

how to make smokey eyes

Makeup Tip 5: Turn your pencil liner into gel eyeliner at home

Sometimes, you want to enhance the beauty of your eyes with gel eyeliner while you don’t have one. In this situation, you can easily change your pencil eyeliner into gel one.For this purpose, you need to hold your pencil under the flame for only one second, now let it cool for 20 seconds. The consistency of pencil will be changed, you can use gel liner on for lining your eyes. Use a match or lighter for heating up your eyeliner pencil.

turn lip pencil liner into gel eyeliner at home
Now it’s time to follow these 5 great makeup tips and make a real-difference in your look.

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